Blazewind strike

aka Blaze or Strike or No.8

  • I live in Earth...where else
  • I was born on March 16
  • My occupation is A guy who likes to have fun
  • I am A guy.
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  • He's my favorite BlazBlue character (or at least one of). I really think he is one of the best in the series. I absolutely hate Yuuki Terumi though.

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    • ....I am Terumi main, I just, his character is what I enjoy, his playstyle is what I love, especially in overdrive when I can cancel his Distortion into eachother, I love to mess around with it, like 5A to 5B to 5C overdrive cancel when the animation puts him in the air, 623B to get them more into the air then cancel into 41236C to 5C then 22C to get that good damage in, I love that combo.

      Though I want to learn Hazama just finding him a bit awkward to get good damage in with him.

      As for my other Mains that is Noel, Hakumen, Ragna/Naoto(still deciding if I want my hands to bleed), Es, and Nu-13.

      What are your mains and/or favorite characters.

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    • Favorites? Pretty much the 5 Main characters with a few others: Ragna Noel Jin Rachel Hazama, Tsubaki Hakumen Nu.

      Main? My Blazblue Machine is with my older brother so I haven't played in a long time but that would be Hakumen.

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    • Oh, good choice, picking the path of light.

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    • A FANDOM user
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