Manabu Ohizumi
Real Name Manabu Ohizumi
Aliases President
Voice (Japanese) Tadashi Mutou
Voice (Italian) Stefano Brusa
Voice (Thai) Withaya Phasuk
Gender Male
Age 15
First Appearance Ep 3
Battle Statistics
Preferred Color Blue (Original deck) Red and green (Dan copy deck)
Key Cards The SunDragonDeity Rising-Apollodragon
The IronHero Saigord-Golem
X-Rares The SunDragonDeity Rising-Apollodragon
The IronHero Saigord-Golem

Manabu Ohizumi (大泉 マナブ) is a character in the anime and manga series Battle Spirits Heroes


He has short, wavy brown hair, and wears glasses. He wears a dark blue, purple-ish jacket and pants, with a light purple shirt underneath.


Manabu is narcissistic and somewhat showy. He considers his battles to be performances. He also has a liking for mineral water.


Manabu was the student council president at Kadode middle school, until his graduation. He has a younger brother, Kataru. He originally used a brave deck, in an attempt to defeat Tegamaru, but was defeated.

He created a blue deck, which he used in the final round in the local red block of the Hero Championship. He defeated the school's principal, Keisuke Saimon, and became one of the three finalists, along with Kimari and Tegamaru.

In the national tournament, he won through all his rounds again, becoming one of the three finalists for the world tournament. He planned to be the student council president of the world if he won.

During the world tournament, he made it to the finals of the D block. There, he lost to his opponent, Renard. Hoping he would win, Kataru planned to give him special water to celebrate his victory. He refused it, but Kataru told him that he deserved it for fighting so well. Kataru also announced that he planned to win next year's tournament, so they would become rivals.

At the end of the series, the Chihiro fans become his fans instead. Kataru fights with them because of this.


He first uses a red and green deck, and is a brave user. Later, he switches to a blue deck.

His deck has contained at some point, the following

Name Color Type
Veloci-Harpe Red Spirit

The SunDragonDeity Rising-Apollodragon

Red Spirit
The ForestBird Sekkohkiji Green Spirit
The GiantJaeger Orion Blue Spirit
The RoaringArm Todon Blue Spirit
Repairing-Ceros Blue Spirit
Yagyurd-Jubel Blue Spirit (Burst)
Rock-Golem-Custom Blue Spirit
Rammer-Golem Blue Spirit
Tsundog-Golem Blue Spirit
Kojirond-Golem Blue Spirit (Burst)
Kurofune-Golem Blue Spirit
Guymail-Hydra Blue Spirit
Shuddomell Blue Spirit
The IronHero Saigord-Golem Blue Spirit (Burst)
The SpearBird Spineed-Hayato Green Brave
Shoggoleth Blue Brave
The Port of Giants Blue Nexus
The Exploding Submarine Volcano Blue Nexus
The Fearless City on the Ship Blue Nexus
The Giant's Stamp Lake Blue Nexus
Double Blaster Red Magic (Burst)
Execution Destroy Blue Magic
Sealing Maelstrom Blue Magic (Burst)
Swallow Counter Blue Magic (Burst)
Burst Fist Blue Magic (Burst)
Burst Wall White Magic (Burst)

Battle Stats:

Episode Type Opponent Result
3 Single battle Tegamaru Lose
10 Single battle Saimon Win
13 Single battle Hajime Lose
22 Single battle Kimari Win
29 Single battle Dragon Eye Lose
43 Single battle Renard Lose



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