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Mai Viole
Real Name Mai Shinomiya
Aliases Mai Viole
Voice (Japanese) Ayako Kawasumi
Voice (Italian) Eleonora Reti
Voice (Thai) Arunee Nanthiwat
Gender Female
Age 14 (Gekiha Dan)
16 (Brave)
26 (Saga Brave)
First Appearance Ep 1 (Gekiha Dan)
Ep 1 (Brave)
Battle Statistics
Preferred Color Purple ( and Red in Battle Spirit Brave )
Key Cards The SevenShogun Beelzebeat
The SevenShogun Asmodios
The StarSlayerDragon Darkwurm-Nova
The SupernovaDragon Siegwurm-Nova
X-Rares The SevenShogun Beelzebeat
The SevenShogun Asmodios
The StarSlayerDragon Darkwurm-Nova
The SupernovaDragon Siegwurm-Nova

Mai Shinomiya (ヴィオレ 魔ゐ/紫乃宮 まゐ), also known as Mai Viole is a main character in the anime and manga series Battle Spirits Shounen Gekiha Dan, Battle Spirits Brave and Battle Spirits Saga Brave.


She has short purple hair in two pigtails, with a pink face-like hairclip. She


wears a blue and white dress which doesn't cover her shoulders. Its sleeves are pink. She has very long light purple socks. On one leg is a heart-shaped pouch.

Her battle form is pink armor. She customized it with a blue tail and horns, and red wings.

In the epilogue, Mai is seen wearing a standard Japanese school uniform.

In Brave, her hair is grown long. She wears a dark-pink and white shirt and purple skirt covered by a white a pink jacket. She wears a green stone around her neck, which can actually open the portal to the future. She has long yellow socks.

In Saga Brave, Mai has cut her hair short resembling a mix of her first and second hairstyle. She wears a purple outfit resembling Dan's which consist of a purple jacket, white T-shirt with a purple trim, brown shorts with dark purple tights and white runners.


She dreams of stardom and wants to look cool. She's described as "scary" when she gets serious in battle. She can be rather stubborn and high-maintenance, but is a generally nice person.

In Brave, she's become much more gentle and feminine. She worries about Dan a lot and develops romantic feelings for him. Midway through the series, she becomes conflicted about how she can help.

In Saga Brave, Mai has grown, but retains a lot of her personality from Brave. She becomes a lot more determined to help people and refuses to let anyone turn a blind eye to global problems. However, she is hesitant to touch her deck because of the pain and trauma from her memories of Dan's sacrifice. She later gets over this after meeting Dan again.


Gekiha Dan

Mai was first seen searching for Kousuke, an opponent she has once faced in a Battle Spirits tournament. Kousuke soon reveals himself, and Mai defeats him. Afterwards, she joins Dan 's group and gives everyone a ride in the Violet.

They soon encounter a gate, which can't be opened. Dan suggested using the Violet to ram the gate, but Mai wasn't a big fan of that idea. The gatekeeper, Mira, only agreed to let them in after being defeated in a duel. Clackey rises to the challenge and wins. The group was allowed to pass.

They soon led a mission to destroy the horizon ladder. Mai wanted to leave the group but Serge convinced her by saying that there could be a movie based on this starring, of course, her. Inspired, Mai delivers a flying kick that landed on Kazan 's chin. Everyone started fighting the soldiers, until the otherworlders (who were being forced to build the ladder) are freed. The mission was a success, and they left.

Mai then decided to kick out Dan and the others. As she was about to leave, though, Clackey reveals he has the ship's key. Clackey duels Mai and since he lost, he returns the key.

Mai went to the blue world to watch the tournament, and was able to talk to Yuuki and Kajitsu, Once in the final match, Kajitsu was experiencing pain and in an attempt to help her brings her to Magisa . She enlisted Suzuri to help her by lying to him and telling to him that she'll give him an X-rare.

Dan and Brustom battle after the tournament, but Dan lost so he has to serve as Yuuki's servant. Mai reunites with the others with Kajitsu in tow. Since Suzuri was made into the blue king, he did not join Mai and the others in leaving the blue world.

Mai faced Leon in a duel, but she lost. Leon wanted to take Kajitsu back, but Clackey (who has doubts about protecting Kajitsu) challenged Leon, and he won.Leon and the others retreated.

Leon then burned the forest down in a desperate attempt to draw out Kajitsu, forcing our heroes to escape.

They made a stop at the yellow world, where they met with Kotarou, a young Pentan duelist.Zungurii duels Kotarou, and Zungurii wins. Mai wasn't to happy during the duel (neither was anyone else for that matter) because as Zungurii loses a life each one of them is forced to wear a pentan costume.

When Dan is brought back, everyone was happy, but they soon realized something was wrong with him. It turns out his core was damaged in a battle with Otherworld King. Leon's forces started chasing them again, so Mai separates from the group to stall them. She faces Pantera and lost. She then fell to unconsciousness, and was rescued by Namii.

Namii then placed her in prison. Mai recognized her, but Namii was angry because Mai took her best card.

Despite Namii's obvious hatred of Mai, she still treated her good enough. Mai was overjoyed to see Dan dueling again, and she was witness to Dan's fight against Gouda and the tag battle against Brustom and Heliostom.

Namii then decided to settle their feud in a duel. Namii was angry, because in the past, she and Mai dueled, and since Namii lost, she gave away her The SevenShogun Beelzebeat , the Violet, and Serge, her servant. Both players used purple decks, and the fight was intense. Ryoko decided to give them both a copy of The SevenShogun Asmodios , a new X-rare, and the winner will get to keep the card. Although both players were able to summon it, Mai won the duel. She then left the prison with Dan and the others.

After all the core soldiers were finally gathered, they each planned to travel to their respective colored worlds, and destroy the Grand Cores of the Horizon Ladders. They would put their own symbols in there place. They were each challenged by a Pantera robot. Mai defeated the purple one, which turned out to be the true Grand Core. Their plan was put on hold when Otherworld King bought a section fo Grand Rolo to Earth, as part of his own plan.

Now on Earth, the core soldiers made their first objective to take back Magisa's deck. Mai and the others tried to battle the soldiers blocking their way, allowing Dan and Magisa to get through to the end. Mai, along with Dan and Clackey, were trapped in an alternate dream world, where they began to lose their memories. Kajitsu freed Dan, who was able to restore Magisa's deck and save the others.

Later, Mai, with Kenzo's help planned to hack into computer systems to stop the military, who was on Otherworld King's side. This was only a temporary success, as it was defeated when Otherworld King began using Otherworld King's power to destroy the world.

When it came time for the final battle with Otherworld King, Mai lent Dan Beelzebeat, and watched the battle, which was projected to the world through the soldiers' core symbols. When Magisa planned to separate the two worlds, she was upset, wanting to stay with Serge. However, he encouraged her to stay on Earth, as a human girl.

In the epilogue, Mai attends a reunion of the core soldiers.


Mai in Brave

Mai, who had now grown her hair long and quit her blog, met Dan again after two years. She invited him to the future, which was invaded by mazoku, so that he could battle seriously again. Mai had already taken a role on the crew of the Sophia, Clackey's ship.

Out of everyone, Mai was the one who had the most faith in Dan. Because Youth, the Sophia's pilot, disliked Dan, she tried to convince him to watch Dan.

When the Sophia traveled to Oct, Mai and Plym stayed behind in the ship while the others went to meet the queen. Zazie broadcasted the incident around the world. Seeing what occurred, Mai decided to go over there too. She met Barone, who had been banished and stripped of his land. Mai wanted to get to know him better, despite disliking him, because he and Dan acknowledged each other. Barone asked Mai why she came to the future. Rather than answering him directly, she explained that she had felt empty since the time she fought as a core soldier in Grand Rolo, and all she felt she could do since then was grow her hair long.

After both Dan and Barone are injured by the Prison General Duc, Mai starts to become afraid. She admits that maybe it was a bad idea to bring Dan into the future. However, she continued to support Dan. Seeing how he spoke to Barone, after it was revelaed that mazoku were humans, she thought that he had matured.

Dan and Barone remained together for a while, fighting against Duc's squad. When Barone decided to leave, in order to calm the chaos in Oct, he and Dan battled over it. Watching the battle, Mai realized that she as well had to do what was proper. She left along with Barone.

Though some of the mazoku wouldn't accept Mai as a human, she fought against them, in order to earn their loyalty to herself and Barone. She also stole the Zodiac X-rares that Duc had, to give to Barone. During her time with the mazoku, Mai battled with a deck that was a combination of Dan's former deck, and the brave killer deck. She found the recipe for Dan's deck at a museum, which also indicated the day of Dan's death; The same day which he came to the future. Realizing this meant he wouldn't return, after she heard that Dan and Barone will battle and the winner will pull the trigger, Mai thinks it's possible that was the reason why Dan wouldn't return. Mai challenged Dan to a battle, hoping to prevent him from fighting any more.

During their battle, Mai and Dan were both determined to win. Mai tried to sway Dan not to pull the trigger, but its useless. Mai explained that she had wanted to be together with the other Core Soldiers like in the past, especially Dan. She confessed that she loved him before Dan declared his last attack. Dan defeated her, stating that his objective in the future was to keep winning, but he invited her back to the Sophia, saying that he needed her.

Before the final battle, though she was still worried about it, Mai went to see Dan. She asked Dan if there was anything he wanted. He requested curry, so she planned to make it for him, and the two shared a kiss. During the battle, she was confident that Dan would win, and they could return to their time and face it together.

However, during the battle, the system was damaged. Dan would be unable to return. When he activated the Zodiac X-rares, he realized that he would become the trigger, not just pull it. As he sacrificed himself, Mai was devastated.

In the epilogue, before returning to her time with Kenzo and Suzuri, Mai gave Clackey a photo they had taken earlier of the two of them and Dan. She also kept a copy for herself. She and Kenzo talked about how they could face their past again. She wondered if someday, they would meet Dan again.

Saga Brave

Mai treating kids in a makeshift hospital.

In the 10 years since Dan's death, Mai has become a doctor without border. She is first seen in a makeshift hospital treating sick and injured children when she notices the 'Miracle of the Clash King' in her deck. She later senses Dan's revival and contacts Kenzo and Suzuri about it. When her camp requires more funding and supplies, Mai leaves and goes to meet up with Kenzo and Suzuri to discuss Dan. The group decides to get help from the Mazoku while Mai meets with her team's sponsors.

Later on, Mai meets with Taana, fully aware that she is the enemy. On the way to one of Cardinal Sign's bases, Taana and Mai are attacked by some Mazoku. Despite getting injured, Taana manages to fend the Mazoku off. Confronting Taana, Mai asks her who she is and what her group's goals are. Taana explains that her group's goals are to eradicate all Mazoku and their boss, Gideon's goal is to control the future. Taana further adds that she is merely using Mai as bait to lure out Dan. Later at Cardinal Sign's base, Taana explains Gideon's history and how he came to foresee a bleak future for humans at the hands of the Mazoku. Mai counters that it may have been true, but its over now.

However, Taana explains that their group is aiming to destroy that event. Stunned, Mai asks how they plan to do that and Taana explains that they (Cardinal Sign) are going to erase the Mazoku from every era. Confused, Mai asks what they are planning to do with Dan. Taana explains that Dan had stolen some of the 12 Zodiac X-Rares from Gideon, so they are going to get them back. Mai argues that Dan believes that both Human and Mazoku lives are equally worth saving and further argues that Taana is a Mazoku too.

Upset, Taana points her gun at Mai and argues that she is nothing like those Mazoku and that Mai would never understand her feelings or the feelings of the oppressed. Mai replies that Gideon is only taking advantage of Taana's suffering, but is surprised when Taana admits that she is fine with that too and wholeheartedly believes in Gideon's motivations and goals if it will change the future for the better. Suddenly, Taana collapses to her knees from blood loss. Mai offers to treat Taana's wounds, but Taana refuses and keeps pointing her gun at Mai.

Getting up, Taana cries that Gideon will create a future solely for humans and explains that is what the core's light bearers should have done in the first place. Taana also wages that Gideon will be able to control time as well. Taana then asks Mai if she doesn't want to erase the ten years of suffering she had undergone and see Dan again. Mai goes over to window and admits that Taana's proposal does sound like an interesting offer. But, Mai adds that Dan is her pride and joy. She continues explaining that the times she spent with Dan and everyone else are irreplaceable to her, so she wouldn't give them up for the world.

Closing her eyes, Mai has a vision of Dan and sadly tells him that he is late. Mai gently adds that there is no curry left now. Dan replies that he knows, but this is the path he has chosen for himself. However, Dan adds that he feels that he is not alone in this fight and thanks Mai. Crying, Mai returns the gratitude. Suddenly, the pair's core symbols appear and merge together, forming a new power which allows Dan to win his duel against Gideon. Waking up, Mai looks on sadly. Turning to Taana, Mai asks her to tell Gideon that if he wants to change the world for humans and mazoku, he should talk it out with them. Suddenly, agents from Cardinal Sign appear, but they are stopped by Suzuri and Kenzo who then rescue Mai.

After the incident, Mai returns to the treatment camp with more supplies. While there, she receives a phone call from Suzuri who informs her that the events which created the future in Brave have begun. Mai explains that she has decided to go talk with the Mazoku in the hopes of finding like-minded individuals who do not want to fight. Ending the call, Mai heads into a tent and starts teaching the children how to play Battle Spirits using Dan's red deck. Later on, Mai is shown meeting with a group of Mazoku.


Her deck is purple, and focuses on curse combos. In Brave, she uses mainly red, the same cards Dan used in the past, combined with a brave killer deck.

Her deck has contained at some point, the following:

Gekiha Dan
Name Color Type
Ashtal Purple Spirit
Demo-Bone Purple Spirit
The HellFencer Berith Purple Spirit
The HellFighter Balam Purple Spirit
Hellwitch Purple Spirit
Humpdump Purple Spirit
The SevenShogun Asmodios Purple Spirit
The SevenShogun Beelzebeat Purple Spirit
Skulldemon Purple Spirit
Skulldevil Purple Spirit
The WaterSnake Seaserpenta Purple Spirit
The Cursed Shrine Purple Nexus
The Depths of the Nether World Purple Nexus
Bloody Coffin Purple Magic
Killer Telescope Purple Magic
Name Color Type
The SupernovaDragon Siegwurm-Nova Red Spirit
The ThunderEmperorDragon Siegwurm Red Spirit
Demo-Bone Purple Spirit
Soulhorse Purple Spirit
The StarSlayerDragon Darkwurm-Nova Purple Spirit
Swordoll Purple Spirit
The Dark Sacred Sword Purple Nexus
Big Bang Energy Red Magic

Sagitta Flame

Red Magic

Extra Draw

Red Magic
The HornBeast Gulnearl Red Spirit
Veloci-Harpe Red Spirit
The LeoDragonPrince Leogulus Red Spirit
Silent Wall White Magic
Revive Draw Red Magic
Meteor Storm Red Magic

Battle Stats

Gekiha Dan
Episode Type Opponent Result
1 Single battle Nameless opponent Undecided
9 Single battle Kousuke Win
14 Single battle Clackey Win
25 Single battle Leon Lose
29 Single battle Pantera Lose
35 Single battle Namii Win
39-40 Single battle Purple Pantera Win
39 Single battle Selecous Win
40 Single battle Veneld Win
48 Single battle Dan Lose


  • She has several similarities to Suiren from Battle Spirits Shounen Toppa Bashin
  • The kanji (魔;ma) in her name means demon or witch, appropriate for the types of cards she uses.
  • She has a crush on Dan in Brave.


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