Lord Ragosia
Real Name Mark Antony
Aliases Lord Ragosia
Voice (Japanese) Tetsu Inada
Gender Male
Age N/A
First Appearance Ep 33
Battle Statistics
Preferred Color Yellow
Key Cards The BeautyHero Cleopatras
X-Rares The BeautyHero Cleopatras, The AbsoluteDragonDeity Amaterasu-Dragon (given to Tegamaru)

Lord Ragosia (ラゴシア伯爵) is a character in the anime and manga series Battle Spirits Heroes


He is a very muscular man with messy brown hair. His eyes are mostly white, with small green pupils and black lines around them. His style of dress is ancient roman. He wears many white robes with golden trim and a long red scarf.


Ragosia is rather eerie and imposing. He is very dedicated to his wife, as shown by using a key card which was based after her.


Lord Ragosia is the man who was in possession of The AbsoluteDragonDeity Amaterasu-Dragon. His true identity is Mak Antony, and it was implied that he and Cleopatra both survived due to being vampires.

Ragosia stole Amaterasu dragon from Tegamaru's ancestor, Haomaru. When Tegamaru confronted him, Ragosia gave it back, and challenged him to a battle. If Tegamaru won, he could keep the card. If he lost, however, he and everyone with him would have to stay trapped in the castle forever. Because Tegamaru won, Ragosia kept his word and let them go.


He uses a yellow deck, with a focus on egyptian-themed spirits.

His deck has at contanied at some point, the following

Name Color Type
The BeautyHero Cleopatras Yellow Spirit (Burst)
Calmion-Cat Yellow Spirit
HeartKnight-Tin Yellow Spirit
Magic-of-Oz Yellow Magic

Battle Stats

Episode Type Opponent Result
33 Single battle Tegamaru Lose



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