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Kyuusaku Kujou
Real Name Kyuusaku Kujou
Aliases Number Nine
Voice (Japanese) Taiten Kusunoki
Voice (Tagalog) Mark Muñoz
Gender Male
Age N/A
First Appearance Ep 3
Battle Statistics
Preferred Color Red
Key Cards The DarkDragonEmperor Siegfried
X-Rares The DragonEmperor Siegfried(Given to Bashin)
The DarkDragonEmperor Siegfried
The TwinRowdy Diranos
The Gigantic Thor
The GiantHero Titus
The IceBeast Mam-Morl

Kyuusaku Kujou (ク条キューサク) is a character in the anime and manga series Battle Spirits Shounen Toppa Bashin


Number Nine has black hair, which comes up in a fish-like shape. His bangs permanently cover one of his green eyes. He wears a black suit and tie. Later, he changes to an identical red suit.


Number Nine appears gentlemanly and charming, and sometimes is. Despite this, he has a much more sinister side. He freely manipulates others in order to fulfill his goals.



Number Nine first appeared at the Parent's day event in Bashin's school. Bashin, seeing the chance to get an x-rare card, challenged Number Nine. Bashin won, so Number Nine gave him The DragonEmperor Siegfried.

He next appeared during the J Sawaragi's Labyrinth tournament, where J confronted him as to their organization's true purpose. Number Nine assures him that aside from collecting X-rares there is something larger at stake. Number Nine was next seen in a tournament, where he defeated Suiren. However, he lost to J. All the while, he is preparing for his goal to take over the world. When Number Eight challenged him, he was able to defeat her. Much later, he was faced by Elliot, who wanted to stop Nine from his plans, saying that Battle Spirits is made for fun and not a weapon. However Nine easily defeats him.

The tournament, the King Uchuuchouten Cup, has begun, and Nine has brainwashed many people, including numbers who refused to help him, and a variety people like the employees at the local battle spirits shop. His plan was to use the power of the stones to give life to the spirits in the real world, and use them as living weapons. Therefore every time on of Bashin's team ( who each bear a stone) was defeated, they are captured and their stones's powers are harnessed. Along with a brainwashed Number Eight, he defeated Striker and Suiren, however at the end of the tournament Bashin defeated him. After defeat, Nine's essence was transferred to King Uchuuchouten, who tried to continue his plan. Nine lost his memory of many years as a result.

At the end of the series, Nine has reformed and is joining Elliot in America.


Number Nine is a member of Numbers Elite.

He suffered events in his past that made him give up hope and changed him into a bitter person. He planned to use Smile to bring ruin to the world and create a new "wonderful world."

Number Nine appeared at the hospital where Striker was being cared for to battle against Bashin. He was easily winning when Striker appeared. Striker challenged Number Nine next, and defeated him, to his surprise.

While Smile trapped many humans in an alternate world, Number Nine went to Uchuuchouten's world. Uchuuchouten tried to convince Number Nine that the best path was to not give up and move forward. Number Nine eventually decided to support Bashin in defeating Smile.


Nine mainly uses red.

His deck has contained at some point, the following.

Name Color Type
The DarkDragonEmperor Siegfried Red Spirit
The DragonEmperor Siegfried Red Spirit
The DragonicFortress Giga Red Spirit
The TwinRowdy Diranos Red Spirit
Eyeburn Red Spirit

The FlameEmperor Kujaraku

Red Spirit
Goradon Red Spirit
Lizardedge Red Spirit
Metalburn Red Spirit
Rokceratops Red Spirit
Taurusknight Red Spirit
The TwinRowdy Diranos Red Spirit
The UnicornDragon Volsung Red Spirit
Flame Tempest Red Magic
Lightning Ballista Red Magic
Offensive Aura Red Magic
The EvilDeity Big-Loki White Spirit
The Gigantic Thor White Spirit
The IceBeast Mam-Morl White Spirit
Invisible Cloak White Magic
Silent Wall White Magic
The GiantHero Titus Blue Spirit
The CrystalDragon Diamat Red Spirit
The Fire LithoGraphica Phoenixious Red Spirit
Goradon Red Spirit
Metalburn Red Spirit
Rokceratops Red Spirit
The Scout Dragno Red Spirit
The Sickle Fool-Joker Red Spirit
Power Aura Green Magic

Battle Stats (Anime)

Episode Type Opponent Results
3 Single battle Bashin Lose
14 Single battle Suiren Win
14 Single battle J Lose
27 Single battle Number Eight Win
41 Single battle Kyouka Lose
46 Single battle Elliott Win
47-48 Tag with Number Eight Striker and Suiren Win
49 Single battle Bashin Lose

Battle Stats (Manga)

Chapter Type Opponent Results
5 Single battle Bashin Undecided
6 Single battle Striker Lose



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