Kobushi Nigiri
Real Name Kobushi Nigiri
Aliases N/A
Voice (Japanese) Kenichirou Matsuda
Voice (Italian) Mirko Cannella
Voice (Thai) Thanakrit Janklongtham
Gender Male
Age 14
First Appearance Ep 2
Battle Statistics
Preferred Color Green
Key Cards Grant-Benkei
The WindHero Dorcus-Ushiwaka
X-Rares The WindHero Dorcus-Ushiwaka

Kobushi Nigiri (仁霧 コブシ) is a character in the anime and manga series Battle Spirits Heroes


Kobushi has brown hair and eyes, and a very large build. He wears a white shirt with orange sleeves, and an orange hat and pants.


He has the attitude of a tough guy, and seems to take things very seriously, but he also has a soft side. He is quite dedicated to Tegamaru, to the point of apologizing to him for his own loses. Kobushi will always jump to defend him.

His dream is to be hot.


Kobushi is one of Tegamaru Tanashi's two teammates, along with Chihiro Kusaka. In the past, he went from shop to shop, challenging card battlers with their best card at risk. He won many cards that way. Tegamaru challenged him, and won. Kobushi accepted this loss, and offered Tegamaru his Grant-Benkei, which he denied, as it was Kobushi's favorite. Tegamaru then asked him what he intended to accomplish. Learning that Kobushi had no dreams, Tegamaru invited Kobushi to join him in pursuing his dream instead.

When Hajime Hinobori challenged Tegamaru to a match, Kobushi battled him first as a test, and was defeated. Shamed by this loss, he planned intensely for a rematch. In his training, he attempted to mimic Hajime's life, going as far as dressing as him.

During the Hero championships, he got his chance for a re-match. This time, despite having a hero X-rare, he still lost. He didn't try to enter in the High Ranker League and continue on.

Kobushi's first opponent in the Hero Championships, Hide, came back to challenge him for revenge... or so he thought. In fact, his opponent was Hideji, Hide's twin brother. Kobushi defeated him, as he was determined to be stronger and win in next year's tournament.

During the world tournament of the Hero Championship, he and Chihiro were depressed over how much Tegamaru changed after acquiring Amaterasu-Dragon. Although they continued rooting for him, and watching over him, he refused to let them near him, saying that he chose a new path without them.

At the end of the series, Tegamaru makes up with Kobushi and Chihiro, using both their key spirits in his battle and declaring that Team Tegamaru is undying.

Kobushi gets some new clothes in the epilogue, following his dream to be hot.


He uses a green deck, with burst.

His deck has contained at some point, the following.

Name Color Type
MachG Green Spirit
Tamamush Green Spirit
Monshiroran Green Spirit
Ruriruri Green Spirit
Kacchumushi Green Spirit
Mushamega Green Spirit
Grant-Benkei Green Spirit (Burst)
The WindHero Dorcus-Ushiwaka Green Spirit (Burst)
Karmula One Green Brave
Oodsutsunanafushi Green Brave
The Green Gojo Bridge Green Nexus
Burst Draw Red Magic(Burst)
Insect Aura Green Magic
Triangle Trap Green Magic
Storm Attack Green Magic
Arms Shock Green Magic (Burst)
Last Stand Green Magic (Burst)

Battle Stats:

Episode Type Opponent Result
2 Single battle Hajime Lose
7 Single battle Hide Win
8 Single battle Hajime Lose
38 Single battle Hideji Win
49 Single battle (In background) Kouta Lose



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