Kenshin Shirogane
Real Name Kenshin Shirogane
Aliases White-Winged God of War
Voice (Japanese) Takashi Kondo
Gender Male
Age N/A
First Appearance Burning Soul Episode 24
Battle Statistics
Preferred Color White
Key Cards The SengokuSixGeneral Senryuukaku
X-Rares The SengokuSixGeneral Senryuukaku

Kenshin Shirogane (白銀謙信) is a character in the anime and manga series Battle Spirits Burning Soul.

"Heaven! Earth! White light! Unfold your grand wings in the darkness! Become power that shines through the chaos! Now come... My Ultimate! I summon The SengokuSixGeneral Senryukaku!" 

"Great white wings that lead to the heavens. I return my soul to the sky in order to win. Soul Drive... Activate. Spirits... Return to the place from which you were born."  


Kenshin is a young man dressed in a grey and white haori-like buttoned up coat with yellow lining and buttons over white dress pants and grey dress shoes. Kenshin has pale blue hair with a long high ponytail and blue eyes under grey glasses. He wears a white headband.


Kenshin is polite and graceful, yet not someone to be taken lightly. He has ambitions to rule the world and wishes to bring light and peace to the chaos of the Battle Spirits Warring Era.


Kenshin is a white card battler who uses Ultimates. He visited Musashi to scope out the competition before the national tournament began.

Kenshin battled Kanetsugu Houryokuin, and won. However, he was looking forward to having another match with him in the future.

He entered the Warring States Championship with his two teammates, Kagetora and Kagekatsu. Their group made it to the final 16.

Due to there being only 15 battlers, Kenshin was able to avoid a match.

In the quarterfinals, Kenshin was matched against Hanzou Hyakki. He and his two followers tried to gather info on Hanzou, but they couldn't piece together Hanzou's motives for battling from just rumors. Instead, Kenshin decided to confront Hanzou about it during their match.

During his battle against Hanzou, Hanzou revealed that had no reason to battle and does so only for fun. Kenshin appreciates this but claims that he had his own goals for battling: to bring a stop to the chaos in the Battle Spirits Warring Era. In the end, Kenshin finally won the match.

Kenshin is also Yukimaru's next opponent in the tournament. Before the battle begin, he also told Yukimaru that he will deliver order and peace, and he must take Dairokuten Maou Down in order to bring light and peace to the chaos of the Battle Spirits Warring Era. During the battle, Yukimaru quickly summon The SengokuDragonEmperor Burning-Souldragon, but Kenshin manage to use triple stable to suck The SengokuDragonEmperor Burning-Souldragon down to the buttom of the desk. However, Yukimaru use draw cards strategy to get Burning-Souldragon back even though Kenshin use Senryuukaku's soul drive that almost win. And Kenshin can't understand why not give up in order to stop Dairokuten Maou. But Yukimaru finally crush Senryuukaku and Yukimaru win the battle.


Name Color Type
The SengokuSixGeneral Senryuukaku White Ultimate
The CleverMachineDragon ShiroganeDragon White Spirit
Musha Lizard White Spirit
Defenzard White Burst
The GenjiEightKnights HikazuDefender White Spirit
The CleverMachineGeneral Shigure White Spirit
Impregnable Wall White Magic
Light Wings Sword White Magic
Ice Age Shield White Magic
Dimension Sword White Magic/Burst
Burst Wall White Magic/Burst
Triple Stab White Magic/Burst

Battle Stats

Episode Type Opponent Result
26 Single battle Kanetsugu Win
28 Single battle Raisei Win
32 Single battle Jinjirou Win
34 Single battle Kagetora Win
34 Single battle Kagekatsu Unknown
42 Single battle Hanzou Win
46 Single battle Yukimura Lose



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