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Keith Astoria
Real Name Keith Astoria
Aliases Lightspeed Shula
Voice (Japanese) Wataru Hatano, Kotomi Aida (Child)
Gender Male
Age N/A
First Appearance Ep 18
Battle Statistics
Preferred Color Red
Key Cards N/A
X-Rares N/A

Keith Astoria, also known as Lightspeed Shula, is a character in Battle Spirits Shounen Gekiha Dan


Keith as a child has blond hair and wears blue clothes. As Shula, he wears a red mask with a horn on top, and a hole in the mask reveals his left eye (his right is covered by his hair). He has red armor, and black clothes.


Shula doesn't like X-rares or any rare cards for that matter. He can be very cold and unfeeling at times.


Back when they were children, Seiru and Keith were having a battle. Seiru was frustrated because she believes

Keith and Seiru as children.

she can't win with weak cards. Keith disagrees, saying victory is not determined by rarity. He then gives his sister a card.

Brustom then took over the kingdom. He has a vast collection of x-rares, and believed that only those with rare cards are worthy duelists. Keith came to hate X-rares because they remind him of Brustom, the one who took over their land.

Upon hearing of a tournament, he entered, using the name Lightspeed Shula so Brustom won't recognize him easily. He has been bragging that he will defeat Brustom easily to everyone he meets. He was able to defeat Jin in the gunslinger, using a one-hit attack.

His next match was against Clackey Ray . Clackey promised to bring the old Keith back and stop Shula from

Speedlight Shula's cards

taking revenge against Brustom. Clackey succeeds by using a series of spells, and Keith realizes his errors.

He left the village, deciding to go on a journey, leaving a note and a card, the ArcAngelia Isfiel with Seiru.


Shula uses a red speed deck. These are the cards he has:

Name Color Type
Rokceratops Red Spirit
Goradon Red Spirit
Erimakilizard Red Spirit
Lizardedge Red


Edgehog Red Spirit
The Acrobat Juggline Red Spirit
The BombSoldier Dragno Red Spirit
Kunanomi Red Spirit
Ovirapt Red Spirit
Iguaknife Red Spirit
The FanDragon Sordes Red Spirit
DarkGoradon Red Spirit
Fourth Draw Red Spell

Battle Stats

Episode Type Opponent Result
18 Single Battle Jin Win
18 Single Battle Clackey Ray Lose



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