Keisuke Saimon
Real Name Keisuke Saimon
Aliases Boss
Voice (Japanese) Toru Ohkawa
Gender Male
Age N/A
First Appearance Ep 10
Battle Statistics
Preferred Color N/A
Key Cards Kojirond-Golem
X-Rares N/A

Keisuke Saimon (柴門 ケイスケ) is a character in the anime and manga series Battle Spirits Heroes.


He wears dark sunglasses and a black suit, as well as a black wig. Though, he's actually balding, and has grey hair on the sides of his head


He gives off the impression of being a mafia leader, with the style of his hair and the stick he carries. He prefers to be called Boss outside of school. He also sees himself as enlightened, considering Battle Spirits like a form of martial arts called Battle Spirits-do that takes self-control. And he's a very quirky type, doing strange things during battle.


Saimon is the principal of Kadode Middle School. He was formerly a teacher, and advisor of the Battle Spirits club, which Mika was a part of. He encouraged her when she was going to quit in the middle of a battle, and gave her a pair of sunglasses, which she still keeps.

He was the oldest entry in the red block of the Hero Championship. He was matched against Manabu, and defeated.

Another time, he met Hajime, who was searching for his new X-rare, The ExplosionHero Lord-Dragon-Bazzel, that blew away from him. Saimon had found the card, and gave it back to Hajime. However, he wanted Hajime to prove he was worthy for it in battle. He was defeated again, even though he used a new deck.


He first uses a purple deck, and then a blue one.

His deck has contained at some point, the following.

Name Color Type
Shikitsuru Purple Spirit
Straw-Puppet Purple Spirit
Shuten-Doga Purple Spirit
Soulhorse Purple Spirit
The TwinPhantomDragon Sheyron Purple Spirit
The SevenShogun Desperado Purple Spirit
Rammer-Golem Blue Spirit
Tsundog-Golem Blue Spirit
Kojirond-Golem Blue Spirit
The Leaning Tower of Corpse Purple Nexus
The Pentagram Castle Purple Nexus
The KnightSnake Pendragon Purple Brave
Burst Wall White Magic (Burst)
Burst Draw Red Magic (Burst)
Danse Macabre Purple Magic
Greedy Cores Purple Magic
Burst Fist Blue Magic (Burst)

Battle Stats

Episode Type Opponent Result
10 Single battle Manabu Lose
18 Single battle Hajime Lose


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