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Real Name Kazan
Aliases Cursed Kazan
Voice (Japanese) Kenji Nomura
Voice (Thai) Withaya Phasuk
Gender Male
Age N/A
First Appearance Ep 1 (Gekiha Dan)
Ep 1 (Brave)
Battle Statistics
Preferred Color Purple
Key Cards N/A
X-Rares N/A

Kazan (カザン) is a character in the anime and manga series Battle Spirits Shounen Gekiha Dan and Battle Spirits Brave


Kazan has a dark complexion and yellow hair. He wears a light violet uniform with some dark highlights. In Brave, he has a blue outfit, with a matching blue cap.


Kazan is very loyal to Yuuki. He'd do anything he has ordered, although at times he has doubts about his master he still follows his commands.


Gekiha Dan

Kazan is a follower of Yuuki, who came to Otherworld from the future.

He was first seen trying to take over Zungurii 's village. Although Magisa tried to intervene, she was captured and Kazan was confident that the mission would be a success-until someone appeared out of nowhere and challenged him to a duel, with the freedom of the village in line. Kazan accepts, but he loses in the end.

Kazan reports back, saying that he lost to the red soldier. The others mock him, and Magical Crown, a yellow card battler, decides to hunt down this red soldier. He returned as a loser, having lost to the red soldier.

Kazan was present during the construction of the red horizon ladder. He was witness to the attempt of the core soldiers to free the otherworlders, who were being forced to build the tower. Kazan quickly told his soldiers to stop them. They didn't fare well. Kazan, in particular, got a flying kick from Mai .

Kazan was with Yuuki during the tournament, watching in the sidelines. When Mai tried to take away Kajitsu, Kazan tried to stop them. He was unsuccessful, despite having soldiers and drone robots under his command.

Next, he was present when Dan and Brustom battled, with Dan being Yuuki's servant if he lost. Since Dan lost, his deck was confiscated and he was taken to the headquarters. There Dan was recognized by Magical Crown, who challenged him to a duel. Since Dan didn't have his deck, Kazan volunteered his deck. However before the duel could start, Yuuki appeared to take Dan to the Otherworld King.

When Yuuki decided to fight on the side of Dan and the other bearers of core's light, Kazan remained loyal to him, because Yuuki resembled his former captain. He gave Yuuki a new card from the captain, because he felt Yuuki made the right choice.


Kazan became the chief of humanity's forces, taking the place of Zolder Grave. Under Zolder's request, he had Dan brought to the future to help in the battle with the mazoku.

Because he was in a command position, Kazan stayed out of actual combat during Brave.


Kazan uses a purple deck.

Name Color Type
Skulldemon Purple Spirit
Hellscorpio Purple Spirit
Skulldevil Purple Spirit
Humpdump Purple Spirit

Battle Stats

Episode Type Opponent Result
1 Single battle Dan Lose


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