Kagamusha (影武者, Kagemusha) is an ability of white spirits.

Spirits with this ability have the following text: 

  • Kagemusha - When your Spirit with Soul Core on it becomes the target of an opponent's effect, you can summon this Spirit card in your hand. After that, change the target of that effect to this Spirit only.

List of Spirits with this Ability

List of Spirits with Kagemusha

Assisting Cards

The CleverMachineCommander Tycoon (BS32-X04)


  • As you can see, the word "kagemusha" is the pronunciation of the Japanese word "影武者". It's a pronoun for people who substitute famous generals or emperors in Japan's Warring State era. Those people would have similar faces as the generals and emperors, and they wore the same clothes. So they could distract the enemies, while the victims escaped. This is exactly what the effect here is doing.

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