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Jade Emperor Dragon (玉帝龍; gyokuteiryuu) is a family in the Battle Spirits trading card game. Currently, only one Spirit, The JadeEmperorDragon Daiteiou, has this family, and it will likely to remain this way.

Its name, "Jade Emperor Dragon", is highly possibly a reference to "Jade Emperor (玉帝)", a mythical figure in Chinese culture who rules the heavens. He is also said to be the host of the competition that decided the twelve Chinese Zodiacs (as represented by the TwelveGodKing in Battle Spirits), which is most probably the origin reference of the BSGP. In-lore, the The JadeEmperorDragon Daiteiou is the host of the BSGP, a race to decide the twelve God-Kings to protect Grand-lolo.

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