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J Sawaragi
Real Name Juli Sawaragi
Aliases J
Jack Knight
Number Eleven
Voice (Japanese) Kaya Miyake
Voice (Tagalog) Michiko Azarcon
Voice (Thai) Viphada Jatuyosporn
Gender Male
Age 12
First Appearance Ep. 1
Battle Statistics
Preferred Color White
Key Cards The Gigantic Thor
The ImpregnableFortress Odin
The DarkDragonEmperor Siegfried(As Jack Knight)
X-Rares The ImpregnableFortress Odin
The Gigantic Thor
The DarkDragonEmperor Siegfried
The SacredEmperor Siegfrieden

J Sawaragi (ジュリー澤ラギ) is a character in the anime and manga Battle Spirits Shounen Toppa Bashin


J has short white hair and blue-green eyes. He normally wears a white cape, which circles his body like a bell. He wears a white shirt and pants underneath. His stone is worn on the outside of his cape. As Jack Knight, he wears an identical outfit, but in black.


J seems to have a cold and aloof personality at first glance. Though he has trouble getting along with others, to those close to him, he's quite protective, especially to his sister, Kyouka. He also tries to be funny, making up gags.



J was born to a Finnish father, S. Kiano, and Japanese mother, Miyako. He has a younger twin sister, Kyouka, and a cat, Okyou. As his father was a famous electronics maker, he was born into a large fortune. His family owns three homes, in fact; one in Kyoto, one in the Tokyo area, and a castle in Finland.

J acquired a celebrity status for his Battle Spirits skill, regularly appearing on the talk show, Battle Spirits TV. Of course, he had many fans, including Toppa Bashin. Though J was bothered by Bashin at first, he allowed Bashin the opportunity to battle, to test him as a fellow chosen card battler. J easily won, and criticized Bashin afterwards, but he later watched another match, between Bashin and Card Sensei. It was then when he decided Bashin was a suitable rival.

Despite his fame, J had a difficult relationship with his parents. His mother was unhappy that he devoted all his time to Battle Spirits, believing he was cutting himself off from other people. She changed her mind thanks to Kyouka, who showed her how J and Bashin had become friends. As for his father, however, it wasn't so simple. J realized that he was a member of Thousand Spirits Group, an organization J hated. When his father refused to quit, they constantly fought over it. Wanting his father's acknowledgement, J decides to join himself, calling himself Jack Knight.

As a member of Thousand Spirits Group, J denied that he has any family or friends. He tried not to associate with anyone other than his tag battle partner, Smile, and his father remained angry with him. During a team tournament, On orders from King Uchuuchouten, J's father changed the tag battle pairings, putting himself and J together. Though they win their matches that way, making it up to the final round, J refused to participate anymore. However, he finally battled Bashin in a special extra round. Bashin was able to reach him, and so he returned to Bashin's side, quitting Thousand Spirits Group. He learned after the battle that his father quit as well, and he promises to spend more time with J.

Soon after, J and the other chosen card battlers are invited to participate in the King Uchuuchoten Cup. Bashin and J are set to battle together in a tag. The tournament is actually a trap to acquire their stones, and the opponents are a mostly-brainwashed Numbers Elite. As their teammates are eliminated in the tournament, they're captured, leaving only Bashin and J remaining. Bashin feels guilty, but J inspires him to keep continuing.

Bashin and J face Smile (Number Four) and Seven in their match. They're able to win, and the two split up afterwards. J goes to the control room, but is intercepted by some of Number Nine's followers, who want to brainwash him as well, to rejoin Numbers Elite. He's rescued by the mysterious masked card battler, The Speed Star, and continues on. With help from Aibou, Bashin's mouse, he destroys Number Nine's system, ruining his plans. Afterwards, J watches Bashin's final matches. During the battle with Uchuuchouten, all of the stones are used as lives. When J's stone is lost, Okyou loses the ability to speak, and he can no longer access Isekai World.

In the epilogue, J decides to study abroad in America, at Elliott's Battle Spirits University. It appears that the stones have been restored. Bashin calls him up, and they have another Battle in Isekai World.


J is a champion Battle Spirits player, and one of the chosen card battlers. He always wanted his father's acknowledgement, and believed that he could have it by becoming strong and winning.

J disliked Bashin when they first met, He found Bashin's behavior rude, and even argued with him over their favorite drinks. However, he secretly enjoyed their first battle.

J met Bashin again at a tournament, and they battled again. This time, the battle was left unresolved, because Bashin passed out. After this match, J saw how close Bashin was with his friends and mother. He felt that Bashin couldn't understand what he was going through.

Smile appeared after that. He invited J to join him. Because J wanted to beat Bashin and get his father to notice him, he accepted the power Smile offered. He battled against Bashin again soon after. Bashin won this match, and was able to get through to him. J gave Bashin a fizzy drink, and Bashin gave him milk afterwards, and each drank the drink they disliked.

J cooperated with Bashin, Striker and Suiren to defeat Smile. Although he was overpowered, he cheered Bashin on, who ultimately won.

Once everyone was returned to the real world, J went with his new friends to a tournament.


J uses a primarily white deck. During his time as Jack Knight, his key card was red.

His deck has contained at some point the following:

Anime Deck

Name Color Type
The DarkDragonEmperor Siegfried Red Spirit
Flame Cyclone Red Magic
Flame Tempest Red Magic
Deadly Balance Purple Magic
The Fruit of Life Green Nexus
Baby-Loki White Spirit
Berserker-Gun White Spirit
The CannonArtifact Megarock White Spirit
Dualcannon-Bell White Spirit
The EvilDeity Big-Loki White Spirit
Fenrircannon White Spirit
Fenrircannon Mk-II White Spirit
The Gigantic Thor White Spirit
Gran-Dolbalkan White Spirit
Icemaiden White Spirit
The ImpregnableFortress Odin White Spirit
Queen-Valkyrie White Spirit
The SacredEmperor Siegfrieden White/Red Spirit
The Sacred Mjolnir White Spirit
Sphereroid White Spirit
The SteelWyvern Valkyrious White Spirit
The Diamond Moon White Nexus
The Artifact Plant White Magic
The Corridor of Mirrors White Magic
Defensive Aura White Magic
Dream Ribbon White Magic
Glacial Breath White Magic
High Elixir White Magic
Invisible Cloak White Magic
Pure Elixir White Magic
Reflection Armor White Magic
Silent Wall White Magic
United Power White Magic
White Potion White Magic
The WhiteTiger Huck Yellow Spirit
The Child's Room in Midnight Yellow Nexus

Manga Deck

Name Colour Type
Angelafish White Spirit
The Artifact Asc White Spirit
Baby-Loki White Spirit
Dualcannon-Bell White Spirit
The Gigantic Thor White Spirit
Icemaiden White Spirit
Lobsterk White Spirit
Rabicrysta White Spirit
Wingull White Spirit
The Diamond Moon White Nexus
Defensive Aura White Magic

Battle Stats (anime)

Episode Type Opponent Results
1 Single battle Suiren Win
1-2 Single battle Bashin Win
5 Single battle Bashin Undecided
5 Single battle Bashin Win
9 Single battle Curator Win
10 Single battle Bashin Lose (by surrender)
13 Single battles Nameless opponents Win
13-14 Single battle Smile Lose
14 Single battle Striker Win
14 Single battle Number Nine Win
14 Single battle Bashin Win
15 Single battle Bashin Win
17 Tag with Suiren Bashin and Striker Win
18 Tag with Suiren Bashin and Striker Win
19 Single battle (booster draft) Elliott Win
19 Tag with Striker (booster draft) Bashin and Suiren Win
23 Single battle Bashin Win
24 Single battle Smile Win
25 Single battle Striker Win
25 Single battle Bashin Lose
26 Single battle Number Three Lose
26 Single battle Bashin Lose
28 Single battle J's Aunt Unknown
28 Single battle Smile Win
29 Single battle Elliott Win
31 Single battle Suiren (My Sunshine deck) Win
34 Tag with Smile Nameless opponents Win
36 Single battle Bashin Win
40 Tag with Number Three Nameless opponents Win
42 Single battle Bashin Lose
43 Single battle Bashin Undecided
48-49 Tag with Bashin Smile and Seven Win
50 Single battle Bashin Undecided

Battle Stats (manga)

Chapter Type Opponent Results
2 Single battle Unknown Opponent Win
3 Single battle Bashin Undecided
8-9 Single battle Bashin Undecided
10-11 Single battle Bashin Lose



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