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Infinite Flame (無限焰, Mugen Homura) is a keyword which will debut in SD40. The only Spirit to possess it is The NinjaHead Souldragon-Hokage. The keyword's text reads:

  • (When Attacks) You may target and attack an opposing Spirit. When the battling Spirit is depleted/destroyed during this battle, for every Symbol on this Spirit, send one core from the opposing Life to the Reserve, and refresh this Spirit.

1. What is Infinite Flame?
It is an effect where you target attack an opposing spirit. When the blocked spirit is depleted/destroyed, for each symbol of this spirit, send 1 core from your opponent's life to the reserve and this spirit will refresh itself.

2. If I did not specify a target spirit to attack when activating Infinite Flame, can I send cores from my opponent's life to reserve and refresh itself, after spirit that blocked this spirit were depleted/destroyed?
No, you cannot. If you did not specify a targeted spirit the attack with [Infinite Flame], the effect will not be activated.

3. If the opponent targeted spirit is depleted/destroyed before the blocking occurs, can I send cores from my opponent's life to reserve and refresh itself?
No, you cannot. [Infinite Flame] will not activate unless it is blocked by the specified/targeted spirit.

4. When this spirit activated [Infinite flame], during BP comparison, it has the same BP as the specified/targeted spirit. As both spirits are destroyed, can I send cores from my opponent's life to reserve?
Yes, you can. However, this spirit will not refresh as it was destroyed.

Cards with Infinite Flame

List of Cards with Infinite Flame