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Hyper Clock Up is a keyword introduced in CB09, and is an upgraded version of Clock Up. The keyword's text reads:

  • Hyper Clock Up - (When Attacks/Blocks) This Spirit can't be blocked. Also, if the opponent uses a Flash effect, they can't use it unless they pay three extra Costs.

While Clock Up Spirits could still be blocked by opposing Clock Up Spirits, Hyper Clock Up not only is completely unblockable, but also limits the opponent's Flash Timing. Be it Magic, Advent, Change, Accel or a Burst's Flash effect, an additional three core must be paid before it can be used, forcing the opponent to use resources they'd rather spare, or completely locking them out of using Flash. Additionally, Hyper Clock Up targets the player, so it isn't stopped by "Your Hand is unaffected" effects.

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