HeroDragon Deck, named for The HeroDragon Lord-Dragon was a pre-constructed deck distributed exclusively through events. All cards were previously released. The set included spirit, brave, magic and nexus cards in the colors red and green. It contains 20 cards, with 2 copies of each, making 40 cards total.

Number Name Color Type Rarity
BS10-006 Yashium Red Spirit Uncommon
BS11-006 The LeoDragonPrince Leogulus Red Spirit Common
BS14-007 Kagutsuchidragoon Red Spirit Common
BS15-002 Pygmygator Red Spirit Common
BS16-001 Nodeppo Red Spirit Common
BS16-004 Ashigaryu Red Spirit Common
SD06-001 Ohdoran Red Spirit Common
SD06-007 The HeroDragon Lord-Dragon Red Spirit Master Rare
BS06-029 Maparrot Green Spirit Uncommon
BS06-031 Mitsujarashi Green Spirit Common
BS16-025 Tarandows Green Spirit Common
SD03-010 The CannonDragon Bal-Gunner Red Brave Common
BS10-067 The KarakuriDog Shiba Green Brave Common
BS14-073 The Red Keyhole-Shaped Tumulus Red Nexus Common
BS14-079 The Green Gojo Bridge Green Nexus Common
BS14-091 Double Blaster Red Magic Common
BS14-092 Blaze Slash Red Magic Uncommon
BS14-093 Revelation Aura Red Magic Common
BS01-134 Binding Thorn Green Magic Common
BS14-099 Arms Shock Green Magic Common
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