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Heavenly Demon King(天魔王 ; Tenmaou)is a family debuted in SD32. All of them are a variant of God-Sechs and have their own Six Heaven Rush, with the exception of The HeavenlyDemonKing Pentan -Type God-Sechs-, which has Six Pentan Rush instead. In the Battle Spirits Burning Soul anime, their user is Dairokuten Maou. In the Burning Legend universe, God-Sechs represents Oda Nobunaga, who owned the title "Demon King of the Sixth Heaven". The family was mainly used to serve as an identity for God-Sechs, until SD57 in which it finally gained proper family-related supports.

Besides God-Sechs, Tenma Nobunaga (character better known as Dairokuten Maou) the Nexus card also has this family, as a representation of being the main user of God-Sechs.

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