Real Name Hashibuto
Aliases Hashibuto the Angry
Voice (Japanese) Kenji Nomura
Gender Male
Age N/A
First Appearance N/A
Battle Statistics
Preferred Color Purple
Key Cards The CurseHero Chaotic-Seimei, Jungle Crow Demon
X-Rares The CurseHero Chaotic-Seimei

Hashibuto (ハシブト) is a character in the anime and manga series Saikyo Ginga Ultimate Zero Battle Spirits.


Hashibuto is a feminine looking man with a large build. He has long purple hair which has a heart-shape. He wears a purple top with a pink scarf and skull pin, and brown pants. He is also wearing lipstick.


He seems to be a  mean person, always determined to make his opponents cry. He angers easily, hence the title "Hashibuto the Angry".

He also tends to act girlish, and flirts with almost any guy.


Hashibuto is a member of the Galaxy Triumvirate. He battled against Rei, with a space compass at stake. Rei risked one of his cards. He lost the battle. Afterwards, the Galaxy Triumvirate returned to their leader, Miroku, who was mad at them for failing to get the compass. He ordered them to find it.

He and the others seem to have a history as performers on planet ASAKUSA.

Hashibuto managed to make it to the final round of the Justice Cup against Rei. Though he lost the match, his battling managed to get the audience excited, when they had been previously ignoring the Triumvirate.

When the final battle against Nakes begins, the Triumvirate decides to flee. However, when they notice Miroku isn't punishing them, they feel bad for having never done anything useful, and decide to save him. They break inside of Nakes to pull him out, along with Denebola and Rukinosu.

In the epilogue, they join Miroku on this aplogy trip, while searching for the Ultimate Battle Spirits Neo.


Name Color Type
Demo-Bone Purple Spirit
The HellFighter Balam Purple Spirit
Cursegargoyle Purple Spirit
Shuten-Doga Purple Spirit
Jungle Crow Demon Purple Spirit
The SevenShogun Beelzebeat Purple Spirit
The CurseHero Chaotic-Seimei Purple Spirit/Burst
Deadly Balance Purple Magic
Death Burst Purple Magic/Burst

Battle Stats

Episode Type Opponent Result
1-2 Single battle Rei Lose
7 Single battle Rei Lose
26 Single battle Rei Lose
27 Single battle Rei Lose
38 Single battle Tsuruhashi Win
38 Single battle Rei Lose



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