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[[Category:BP 5000 at level 3]]
[[Category:BP 5000 at level 3]]
[[Category:Spirits with assault]]
[[Category:Spirits with assault]]
[[Category:Summon from hand]]
[[Category:Summon from trash]]
[[Category:Summon from trash]]

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Gundam Exia


BS back.jpg
Name Gundam Exia
Kanji/Kana ガンダムガンダムエクシア
Released in (Japanese) SD53
Color Blue Blue core.png
Cost 3
Reduction Blue core.pngBlue core.png
Symbols Blue core.png
Family MS, CB
Keyword Armed Intervention, Trans-Am, Assault
Level 1: 1 core, 3000 BP
Level 2: 2 core, 4000 BP
Level 3: 4 core, 5000 BP
Card Effects
Flash Armed Intervention - Cost 4 (Blue core.pngBlue core.pngBlue core.png) (Opposing Attack Step) You can summon this card from your Hand as a Cost 4 (Blue core.pngBlue core.pngBlue core.png)

[LV1][LV2] Trans-Am (When Attacks) By returning this card to your Hand, summon "Gundam Exia (Trans-Am)" from your Trash. This effect can also activate at the end of the attack.

[LV2][LV3] Assault: 2 - (When Attacks) This spirit can, twice per turn, be refreshed by exhausting one of your Nexuses.
Flavor Text
A Mobile Suit from the third generation of solar reactor carriers, piloted by Setsuna F. Seiei. Under the name of Celestial Being, this suit performed armed interventions in conflicts all around the world.
Rarity X-Rare
Illustration Morishita Naochika
Rulings/Restrictions None