Green is one of the six colors of cards in the world of Battle Spirits. It is represented by the emerald symbol. It premiered in BS01.


Green core

Green Sybol

Its symbol or Gem in English was inspired by Emerald, which is also Green in color. It has flat shape on top and bottom, and in each side also with slant shape on each corner.


The main strategy in using green is core generation and beatdown. Green spirits tend to have high BP for their costs. This along with the fact that many green cards allow the player to gain extra cores (like Life Chain), green-based decks would have little problem in gaining early advantages. Thus, green is frequently used in rush tactics. That is, summoning swarms of spirits in order to defeat the opponent as quickly as possible.

Unlike red, green is, in essence, non-destructive. Although both colors tend to overwhelm their opponents as quickly as possible, green is far more interested in combat than red. While red would probably use various spells to destroy opponents' spirits before they can do anything, green's lack of destructive spells and high-BP spirits mean that green-based rush decks could simply have their spirits attack their opponents and don't need to worry about blocking.

Green also features the ability High Speed. Spirits with this ability can be summoned during flash steps, which can be a good surprise defense. All in all, no matter on the attack or the defense side, green is always eager to have combat.

BS16 introduces the ability Violent Swift. If specific core conditions are met, spririts with this ability can be summoned during flash steps with no cost. The RetsuHero Seiryubi and Ultimate-Seiryubi are the only spirits that has this ability.

BS19 introduces green Charge, which is more effective if you have Windstorm because it can increase the number of spirits exhausted due to your effects.

Themes and FlavourEdit

Green is themed around nature, and the elements of earth and air. Therefore, it is not surprising that green spirit types mostly consist of plants, bugs, birds and wild animals. Wind is also a recurrent theme in green. Many green spells are related to air-based magics, such as Divine Wind. Green nexuses tend to depict places which are heavily vegatated or stormy (thus the sub-theme of wind).


- Core generation

- BP Boost

- Summoning swarms of spirits

- Exhausting enemy spirits.

- Summon cards in Flash Step

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