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Great Assault (大強襲, Dai kyōshū) is a keyword debuted in BS41. It is an upgraded version of Assault. The only spirits to possess this ability are the revival version of The GiantEmperor Alexander and the revival version of The GodMadeSoldier Orichalcum-Golem.

The keyword text reads:

  • Great Assault: X - (When Attacks) This spirit can, X per turn, be refreshed by exhausting one of your Nexuses. When this Spirit is refreshed by this effect, discard 5 cards from the top of opponent's deck.

Great Assault is one of the very few effects that allows you to discard 10 cards on your opponent's deck in one turn. With the addition of the Lv2 effect of The Thousand Space Kannon Temple, the combo allows you to discard at least 20 cards on your opponent's deck in one turn.

Cards with Great Assault

List of spirits with Great Assault

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