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Grandwalker (創界神グランウォーカー, Guranwōkā, lit. Soukaishin, "World-creator Deity") is a family which debuted in SD43 and SD44, and it is always present on a Grandwalker Nexus. It represents deities from different mythologies, with their names being straight counterparts, while their family names are slightly edited. Among the second families, Olym stands for Olympus, home of the Greek deities; Egyt stands for Egypt, nation representing the Egyptian pantheon; Amahara stands for Takamagahara, dwelling place of the Japanese gods and goddesses; and Hindida stands for Hindu mythology and its deities. There is also the Uru family which represents characters from the Battle Spirits lore and even from various Battle Spirits anime series.


  • First family to exist on Nexus without the help of effects.

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