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Grandphosis (転神グランフォーゼ, Guranfōze, literally translated as Transformation but read as Grandphosis) is a mechanic introduced in SD48 which is unique to Hindida Grandwalker Nexus. This effect allows the Grandwalker Nexus to act as a Spirit, becoming an additional attacker or blocker.

Grandphosis effects can trigger in different timings, such as Flash Timing of the player's Attack Step, the start of the player's Attack Step or Flash Timing of the opposing Attack Step, but their common text reads as follows:

  • Grandphosis: X [LV1][LV2] (Send X cores from this Nexus to the Void) During this turn, this Nexus is also treated as Spirit with [LV1][LV2] xxxx BP, and can only be destroyed by Grandwalker Nexuses.

Despite being treated as a Spirit, the Grandwalker in Grandphosis maintains its immunity to any effects which do not target Grandwalker Nexuses and will not be destroyed if blocked by a spirit with higher BP.

While in a Grandphosed state, a Grandwalker Nexus can activate the spirit-specific effect of a Saga family brave as well as the nexus-specific effect due to being treated as a spirit and a nexus at the same time.

Cards That Have Grandphosis Effects

Nexuses with Grandphosis

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