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Gladiator's Beat (Gladiator Beatdown in Bandai's English release) was a starter deck in the Battle Spirits Trading card game. It included spirit, nexus and magic cards in the colors purple, white and blue. Rather than being numbered as a unique set, the cards included are considered a part of BS03.

Set Images
Img b3 1 starterGB.jpg
Set Card List
Number Name Color Type Rarity
BS03-013 Hellscorpio Purple Spirit Common
BS03-015 The EvilGrass Mindragora Purple Spirit Common
BS03-037 Ratatoscr White Spirit Common
BS03-041 The Artifact Asc White Spirit Common
BS03-045 The SilverFox Hati White Spirit Rare
BS03-071 The BattleBeast Bulltop Blue Spirit Common
BS03-072 The Pikeman Jeffrey Blue Spirit Common
BS03-078 The Berserker Troll Blue Spirit Common
BS03-084 The GiantCat Blynx Bue Spirit Uncommon
BS03-092 The GroundSupporter Francis Blue Spirit Uncommon
BS03-100 The WeaponCollector Godfrey Blue Spirit Master Rare
BS03-104 The Crossroads of Destiny Purple Nexus Uncommon
BS03-108 The High Sky Covered by Metal White Nexus Uncommon
BS03-113 The Absorption Triumphal Arch Blue Nexus Rare
BS03-114 The Rampart of Sapphire Blue Nexus Uncommon
BS03-122 Fall Down Purple Magic Common
BS03-130 Möbius Loop White Magic Rare
BS03-141 Build Up Blue Magic Common
BS03-142 Salvage Blue Magic Common


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