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Genesis (創聖 ; Sōsei) is a keyword introduced in BS48, exclusive to The CreatorDragonDeity Generator Dragon-Zero. The effect is worded as follows:

  • Genesis (When Attacks) You can reveal cards from your decktop until you reveal a "Creation" family card (You can repeat this up to three times). Put one core from your Field/Red Grandwalker Nexuses to each of those cards to summon them. Remaining cards are discarded.

Noticeable official Q&A

Q2: Can Spirits summoned through Genesis be put with two cores or more?
A2: No, only one core can be moved from the Field/Red Grandwalker Nexuses to each Spirit.

Q3: Are costs needed to be paid when summoning Spirits through Genesis?
A3: Yes, you need to pay the costs of the summoned Spirits. However, cards like Avatar Dragon Red can treat themselves as 0 cost, so they are summoned by paying 0 cost.

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