Gallet Revolt
Real Name Gallet Revolt
Voice (Japanese) Takahiro Sakurai
Gender Male
Age 16-17
First Appearance Battle Spirits: Garrett's Revolution
Battle Statistics
Preferred Color Purple
Key Cards The DragonKnight Swordius-Dragoon The DragonKnightEmperor Dragonic-Arthur
X-Rares The DragonKnight Swordius-Dragoon

Gallet Revolt (ガレット・レヴォ ; Garetto revo) is the protagonist of the anime series Battle Spirits: Gallet's Revolution.


Gallet wears a light purple hoodie under a black school uniform with red and white highlights. He has red hair with a front pink-ish highlights to accent and green eyes. He dons grey pants and brown shoes.

In his battle form, Gallet gains a black spandex like inner suit, donned by small bits of steel armor. His back plate creates a massive purple cape, with rips all around the bottom of the cape. His Life Counter is in the middle of his chest. When he Rebirths his Swordius-dragoon. His cape changes into a dark-red coat with black accents, with black shoulder cuffs, collars and trims around the coat resembling flames. His Life Counter turns from silver to gold as well as the accents of silver in his battle form turning to gold.


Due to the murder of his father, he has become cold and reserved, suppressing his fears in order to not be seen as weak to the children of Vanilla. Despite his cold and quiet personality, he tries his best to put on a smile for the people who do care for him and for the children he helps feed in Vanilla.

Due to the trauma from his father's death, Gallet cannot stand violence and panics at the sight of blood. This leads him to believe that the best way to bring people together and settle disputes is with Battle Spirits, not violence.



At a young age, he was constantly harassed by the Humans and Mazoku for being a Mauve. But his father would always comfort him when he felt down about the way he was born. That was until one rainy night, when Gallet discovered his father murdered in an alleyway, in a pool of his own blood. This sight traumatized Gallet for life, causing him to accept his place in the world and become unable to get too close to people for fear of seeing them get murdered.

Gallet then escaped from the Mauve Special Zone to go to Vanilla, where his father mentioned was the location of a legendary card. He continued to live in Vanilla, while taking care of the children there by using Battle Spirits as a way to fight people and get food and supplies for the children.

In 3026, Gallet hears about the match between Lucian Parx and Zephyr Try. Determined to find out the truth about the Mauve, Gallet heads to the arena. But along the way, he gets harassed by some mazoku who punch him. The punch causes him to bleed, revealing his purple blood. Freaked out at the sight of it, the mazoku try to rile up the nearby crowd. But Gallet is soon rescued by Varte Parx and the other Mauve.

After being rescued, Varte introduces himself and helps Gallet get into the VIP box at the arena. There, he introduces Gallet to Graham Leonard, a member of the Mauve support committee. The three of them then watch the match. After the match, Gallet watches on as Lucian declares that Zephyr cheated and unintentionally creates a riot. Gallet goes with Varte to help Lucian. However, he arrives too late as Lucian is stabbed from behind by an unknown attacker.

Seeing the blood, Gallet starts panicking as he recalls the death of his own father. Suddenly, Gallet finds himself transported to a space with Mother Core in the background. Noticing Varte, he tries to reach out to him. But then suddenly the purple core pops out of his chest and he passes out.

One week later, Gallet regains consciousness to discover that Lucian has indeed died. Meeting with Chairman Leonard, the chairman convinces him to join a Mauve school.

One year later, Gallet gets into an argument with Varte and the two battle to decide the winner.



Gallet uses a Purple deck focused around Primals/Evil Shadows, with Swordius-Dragoon as his main attacker. His Nexus and Camelot Knight X allow him to continuously draw through his deck in order to draw Swordius-Dragoon as well as maintain defense as blockers. The continuous draws by his Nexus and Camelot Knights also fuels his Nexus's LV2, which allows him to keep Swordius-Dragoon if he is destroyed by card effect. When the battle goes on for long, he has a higher chance of activating the Rebirth of Swordius-Dragoon, evolving him into Dragonic-Arthur, which can eradicate an opponent's board when summoned.


Name Color Type
Bladra X Red Spirit
Night Bladra Purple Spirit
Camelot Knight X Purple Spirit
The DarkKnight Lancelot X Purple Spirit/Burst
The KnightHero Swordius-Arthur Purple Spirit/Burst
The DragonKnight Swordius-Dragoon/The DragonKnightEmperor Dragonic-Arthur Purple/Red Spirit
The Dragon's Holy Sword Purple Nexus
Eruption Draw Red Magic
Dragoon Shoot Purple Magic
Diamond Wall White Magic
Limited Barrier White Magic

Battle Stats (anime)

Episode Type Opponent Result
1-2 Single battle Varte Parx Win



  • Lime

Gallet and Lime share a friendship, both living in the city of Vanilla, as well as partners who take care of the children of Vanilla.



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