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Galaxian (光導; koudou) is a family premiered in BS10, and is one of the main families in the Constellation era. They exist in all colors. Similarly to the Astral Soul family, they are based off constellations. However, these are specifically the twelve zodiacs, while also including the Ophiuchus constellation (For the archetype, see Zodiacs). In the lore, the Galaxians derived from Lolo's heart, before he became the god of the Spirit world, and carried the mission of watching over the world eternally. In the Ultimate era, they returned as the Reverse Zodiac Braves, taking the lead in countering Ultimates. In the God-King era, the Galaxian Spirit cards were revived, gaining also the God-King family. For the Revival cards, their effects oriented around the God-King and Ten Crown families rather than the Galaxian and Astral Soul families.

The most recent support began in BS47 and ended in BS52. The family in general was given Grandwalker Nexuses, which also have the Galaxian family, for support, each of the twelve zodiacs was also given a 'reborn' version (see RebornStarTwelveZodiac), which in lore is their reincarnation; as well a X (Roman number for 10) version in response to the 10th year anniversary of the game. For the Galaxian cards in this wave of support, they all have a common effect of their reduction symbols able to be all six colors. The twelve zodiacs also gained their Saga Brave versions. There were also Magic cards with the effect of gaining the Galaxian family, and also extra Galaxian Spirits that are also based on the twelve zodiacs.

In CB09 and CB10, the antagonists of the Kamen Rider Fourze series, Zodiarts, were released as Purple Galaxian Spirits, as their motif is the twelve zodiacs. In order to avoid being mixed with the main series Galaxian cards, most of their effects are limited to Purple-only or "Zodiarts"-named cards.

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