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Friendshipower (トモダチカラ; tomodachikara) is a keyword introduced in BSC35, exclusive to [Melody Diamond Coord]Yuuki Aine. The keyword's name consists of wordplay with the words Friendship (tomodachi; friends in Japanese) and Power (chikara), basically standing for the power of having friends and friendship.

The effect is worded as follows:

  • Friendshipower - (When Attacks) For each two "Idol" family Spirits you control, add an extra Yellow symbol to this Spirit. Also, if you control a "Minato Mio", discard the opposing Burst.

Yuuki Aine and Minato Mio form the Pure Palette unit, which is why controlling Mio in particular unlocks an additional effect. Adding symbols and discarding Bursts is rare in Yellow, but this effect comes from Melody Diamond Coord unleashing White-related effects. By itself it can only potentially deal much damage, but with the existing support that easily enables refreshing and unblockable attacks, Friendshipower can be used for OTK strategies.

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