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Friend (フレンド, Furendo) is a Yellow keyword, premiered in BSC28. All Spirits with this keyword are part of the "Diva", "School Style", and "Stage Style" families. The keyword has multiple readings with varying activation timings and designated costs, the most common being:

  • Friend: X/X/X(/X) (When Attacks) You can reveal the top card of your deck. If it's a Cost X/X/X(/X) Spirit in family "Song Princess", you can summon it in exhausted state without paying the cost. Remaining cards are discarded.

Other designated conditions include: Friend: X or less, Friend: X or more, and Friend: Pretty Animals.

Other activation timings include: (When Attacks/Blocks) and (When Blocks).

This effect offers Divas another option of bringing out more Divas at no cost beyond On Stage, trading off guaranteed summons for versatility.

Friend also faces the same problem as On Stage, being vulnerable to Zero Counter and anti-free-summon effects. Furthermore, since Friend summons Spirits in exhausted state, this side effect slows down the pace of the game, and also leaving the Spirits unprotected, easily got rid by the opponent. But there are cards that protect exhausted Divas, and there are also effects that allow the player to summon Divas in refreshed state instead.

Another problem Friend faces is that when it misses, the revealed card always goes to trash. However, this is fixed by effects that allow you to add the revealed card to hand.

Cards That Have Friend Effects

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