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Fencer (剣使; kenshi) is a family premiered in BS19. This family exists in all colors, and as the name suggests, the family motif is "swordsman". Many of the cards also depict the Spirits or Ultimates wielding swords. Over half of the Cost 5 Spirits have [During Brave] effects, and they are designed to brave with the Exalted Sword family Braves. It is also the only family to use the keyword Unsheathe.

Being an ace family during the Sword Blades era, the Fencer family constantly gained small support throughout the Ultimate era. During the Ultimate era, Exalted Sword family Braves which could brave to Ultimates were released, along with Ultimates with [During Brave] effects. Ultimate-exclusive keywords Ultimate Unsheathe and Great Unsheathe were also introduced.

The Fencer family also came back once during the Burning Legend era in BSC21, along with Exalted Sword family Braves with Soul Burst. Three years later during the Grand Advent era, the family was used as a common family for SD44, a deck representing Tsurugi Tatewaki and Yaiba, characters from the Battle Spirits Sword Eyes anime.

On the collaboration side, having a motif of swordsmen, the Kamen Rider Saber series took the Fencer family in CB17. The archetype also generated a lot of generic Fencer family cards. As a Fencer deck, Saber and his companions remain faithful to the original theme of the family, which is to summon Exalted Sword family Braves at no cost and attack as Brave Spirits.

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