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Families highlighted by the green circle

Family (系統; keitou), also sometimes read as type/characteristic/attribute, is used for the classification of Spirits/Ultimates/Braves, with the introduction of Grandwalker Nexuses in Grand Advent era, which are Nexuses that have families. Starting with the Gundam SDs in Ultra Advent era, normal Nexuses are also given with families without the help of effects.

The family box is located in the middle of the card, on the right of the card name. Currently, each card can have at most three families in the box, but it can always gain more families through effects, such as The MysteriousDeity Medjed. Some Magic cards also have the effects of treating themselves in certain families, such as God Break.

Most families are limited to a certain color, but some, such as the "God-King" and "Supreme Hero" families cover a wider amount of cards. There are also families in which each of them is only possessed by a single card, usually promo cards in these cases.

In the game, families are used to unite cards in a deck. Most decks are built around one family, or two or more families which support each other. When an effect targets a card, often its targeting range is limited by families, so that the card would not be abused in other decks for its versatility. Families sometimes also represent the roles of the cards in lore, such as The CreationDeity Lolo having the "Creation Deity" family because he is the literal god of his own world.

The following table is a list of all existing families, including ones whose cards are illegal in play. Families are categorised into their primary colors, but every one of them can be given other colors, often through collaboration sets.