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[[Category:Ultimate destroy]]
[[Category:Ultimate destroy]]
[[Category:Draw cards]]
[[Category:Draw cards]]
[[Category:Extreme cards]]

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Extreme Flame


BS back
Name Extreme Flame
Kanji/Kana エクストリームフレイム
Rōmaji Ekusutoriimu Fureimu
Released in (Japanese) Extreme Card
Color Red Red core
Cost 0
Card Effects
This card is unaffected by any effect other than its own, and after the Flash effect resolves, it is banished from the game.

Flash - Destroy every opposing Spirit/Ultimate with 30000 BP or less. For each Spirit/Ultimate destroyed by this effect, draw one card. This effect can only be used at (Opponent's Attack Step).
Flavor Text
Rulings/Restrictions This card can only be used by Guardians.
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