An Extreme Card is a card that can only be used by Guardians in Battle Spirits Extreme Game. The cards are all cost 0, and can only be played from the Extreme Zone on the Guardian's side of the field. When they are used, they are played from the Extreme Zone. They are all cost 0 and are banished from the game after they are destroyed or when their effects fully resolve. Guardians can only choose one Extreme Card, while the other cards are left for the other players. There are three cards for every colour, with 1 each of magic, nexus and brave cards. They all share some characteristics:

  • The Magic cards
    • Only have flash effects.
    • Can only be used on the opposing attack step.
  • The Brave cards:
    • Are in the family Exalted Sword
    • Have BP 10000 with one core at level 1
    • Cannot attack or block at level 1
    • Have 1 symbol
    • Have a brave condition of cost 4 or more
  • The Nexuses:
    • Aren't affected by opposing effects
    • Have a level 2 effect that restricts deck destruction to a maximum of 3 cards per turn.

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