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Exalted Sword (剣刃; tsurugi) is a family premiered in SD10 and SD11. Exalted Swords exist in all colors. They are all Braves, and the Sword Braves are included in this family. While having the theme of swords and blades, the family was also once used as a general family for all kinds of Braves, including wands, hammers, and even microphones. This trend stopped after the game introduced the Thing family.

The Exalted Swords had been the main Braves from Sword Blades era up to Burning Soul era, introducing more Braves with symbols, Braves which could brave to Ultimates, and Braves with Soul Burst along the way. They also brought along the motifs of light and dark, and the stars and planets. In God-King era, as the Imagine Braves were introduced, the position was given to the Imagine family.

In the Ultra-advent era, while the main type of Brave introduced in main set was shifted to Saga Brave, the original 12 swords and the two judgement swords obtained new Revival version. The only exceptions were The ShiningSacredSword Shining-Sword and The MidnightSunTreasuredSword Midnight-Sun, since they obtained their Revival version back in Grand Advent era.

Being swords, the family has been constantly related to the Fencer family ever since they were first introduced, and hence also developing the keywords Unsheathe, Ultimate Unsheathe, and Great Unsheathe.

On the collaboration side, the main weapons of Kamen Riders are often swords, so their Braves are often categorised into this family. With the release of CB17 introducing Kamen Rider Saber, Exalted Sword even became a main family to support Saber.

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