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Emperor Road (皇帝連激 ; literally meaning "continuous attacks of the emperor) is a keyword introduced in BS57, exclusive to The OracleTwentyOnePillars IV The Emperor. The wording is as follows:

  • Emperor Road (When Attacks)
    Once per turn, this Spirit can battle up to four times in a row. (Before the end of battle, you can carry out another battle from the before-block Flash Timing (Max. 3 times).)

A unique effect for the game, Emperor Road allows the Spirit to bypass quite a few defensive mechanics, mainly the "end Attack Step" effects, which always happen at the end of the battle. It drives the players to rely more on other kinds of defences than just ending the Attack Step. With the addition of Oracle IV Over Emperor, which allows the Spirit to ignore White Magic effects, it further encourages players to use more than White cards for defence.

A point to note is that Emperor Road isn't allowing the player to declare attacks for four consecutive times, but more of repeating the same battle for three more times, with all four battles counted as one attack. As such, instantaneous (When Attacks) effects such as "draw a card" or "destroy a Spirit" don't activate again when the battle repeats. However, "during this battle" effects and those without a specified timing will last throughout all four battles. As such, one may use Braves to utilize advantage, such as The ThunderSacredArtillery Cannon-Arms or The AbyssGiantSword Abyss-Apocalypse X to lock the opposing hand.

Official Q&A

No. Question Answer
1 What is Emperor Road? It's an effect which allows up to four consecutive battles in one attack. When resolving a battle, after Spirits/Ultimates are destroyed via BP comparison, or the attack reduces the opposing Life, and effects triggered by either of those timings are resolved, plus the Spirit with Emperor Road hasn't left the Field, instead of ending the battle, it continues the battle by going back to the before-block Flash Timing. The battle can be continued for up to three times, amounting to a total of up to four battles in one attack.
2 Do you have to declare the number of times you're repeating the battles when you first declare the attack? No, you only choose if you want to repeat once after each battle, before reaching the "end of battle" timing. As such, if you Advent onto the Spirit with Emperor Road, or replaced it during a battle, or the Spirit with Emperor Road is brought down to LV1, it won't be able to repeat more battles after that.
3 When the Spirit with Emperor Road battles for the second time or more, can either player's "when a Spirit attacks" effects or the (When Attacks) effects of the Brave braved to the Spirit with Emperor Road activate? As you don't declare an attack again when battling for the second time or more, attack effects which happen instantaneously, such as drawing and destroying don't activate again. However, those which can be activated during other timings in the attack, such as during Flash Timing or when comparing BP, like "this Spirit gains +5000 BP" or "the opponent can't activate Burst effects", can activate.
4 When the attacking Spirit activates Emperor Road, do the "during this battle" effects that activated from the first battle continue into the second battle and so on? Yes, they continue to activate, as the attack hasn't reached the "end of battle" timing yet.
5 While the Spirit with Emperor Road is attacking, the opponent uses cards such as Burst Wall (SD56-RV009) to end the Attack Step at the end of battle. Does the Attack Step end with no battles continued? No, except for the fourth battle, you can continue for more battles before the Attack Step ends, as Emperor Road allows the battle to jump from right before the end of battle to before-block Flash Timing. The Attack Step only ends when the end of battle comes after Emperor Road finishes activating.
6 While the Spirit with Emperor Road is attacking, the opponent uses cards such as Tousenbo Wall (BS50-RV013) to prevent Spirits from attacking. Does the attack ends with no battles continued? No, when proceeding towards the second battle and so on, another attack declaration isn't needed. So while the Spirit is affected by the "can't attack" effect, the battles can continue.
7 While the Spirit with Emperor Road is attacking, the opponent uses cards such as Closed Gemini (BS47-101) to end the battle immediately. Does the attack ends with no battles continued? Yes, the battle has been forcefully proceeded to the "end of battle" timing, so battles can't continue.
8 The Spirit with Emperor Road reduces the opposing Life via its attack, and the opponent declares a Burst with the condition "After your Life is reduced". Does the Burst resolve before the battle continues? Yes, it does. All effects triggered when the Life is reduced are resolved first, then the Burst triggered by the Life reduction is resolved, then the battle continues.
9 After adventing onto the Spirit with Emperor Road or replacing it with another Spirit, can the extra battles continue? No, they can't.
10 The Spirit with Emperor Road is refreshed during its attack. Does it exhaust when the second battle and so on continue? No, it doesn't.

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