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Dynast's Force (Sorcerer's Blaze in Bandai's English release) was a starter deck in the Battle Spirits Trading card game. It included spirit, nexus and magic cards in the colors red, green and yellow. Rather than being numbered as a unique set, the cards included are considered a part of BS03.

Set Images
Img b3 2 starterDF.jpg
Set Card List
Number Name Color Type Rarity
BS03-001 The FireSpirit Salamandert Red Spirit Common
BS03-007 Flame-Elk Red Spirit Uncommon
BS03-011 The DinoCavalry Diridalus Red Spirit Master Rare
BS03-025 Stagscissor Green Spirit Common
BS03-030 The BeastMaster Rainer Bros. Green Spirit Common
BS03-049 Mikene Yellow Spirit Common
BS03-052 Froger Yellow Spirit Common
BS03-054 Arcanadoll-Tria Yellow Spirit Common
BS03-059 Arcanabeast-Paira Yellow Spirit Uncommon
BS03-063 Ponysus Yellow Spirit Common
BS03-065 The Angelia Curio Yellow Spirit Rare
BS03-102 The Outlaw Wasteland Red Nexus Uncommon
BS03-107 The Endless Horizon Green Nexus Common
BS03-110 The Sacred Place in Falling Stars Yellow Nexus Common
BS03-118 Fourth Draw Red Magic Rare
BS03-126 Potion Berry Green Magic Uncommon
BS03-134 Puppet String Yellow Magic Common
BS03-137 Four Cards Yellow Magic Uncommon
BS03-139 Same Tired Yellow Magic Rare


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