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Duet Part (デュエットパート) is a keyword introduced in BSC35. The effect is worded as follows:

  • [LV2][LV3] Duet Part - While Soul Core is on this Spirit, your "[NAME 1]" and "[NAME 2]" Spirits can't be destroyed by opposing effects.

Duet Part provides destruction immunity to two different Diva Spirits. It doesn't have any functionality upgrades when compared to Solo Part, but enables more deckbuilding options, as the player will be able to base the deck on two different Divas, instead of a single one, in case they want to make decks focused on the keyword. Duet Parts are shared between Divas with strong emotions towards one another: Jeanne, who one-sidedly loves Rei-Ohba, has a Duet Part with Rei-Ohba, while she does not, but Riolu-Tida and Rias-Urovorun both have Duet Parts with the other.

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