Dragonshot (龍射撃, Ryū shageki) is a "Finisher Move"-type keyword, exclusive to The ShootingStardragonArcher Lykeios. The effect allows for the destruction of any Spirit/Ultimate with less than 20000 BP, regardless of their immunities or Armors. However, as it is a (When Summoned) effect, unless Lykeios in on [LV3], it will only strike once, and while it surpasses effects which state "Can't be destroyed/affected," it does nothing against "Remains on the field" effects.

Lore-wise, this all-piercing arrow is a power given by Grandwalkers in return for Lykeios intense faith on them. Namely, as Lykeios serves under Zeus and Apollon, it is a power which utilizes the absolute strength of the Supreme Deity of Olym and the heavy archery mastery of Apollon.

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