Dr. Sunset
Real Name N/A
Aliases Dr. Sunset
Voice (Japanese) Mitsuaki Madono
Gender Male
Age N/A
First Appearance Ep 28
Battle Statistics
Preferred Color Purple
Key Cards Taikotsubo
X-Rares N/A

Dr. Sunset (Dr.サンセット) is a character in the anime and manga series Battle Spirits Heroes.


Sunset has a very long face, with a big round nose. He has a strip of brown hair on his head, and a scar over one eye. He wears all white.


As a self-proclaimed "evil scientist" he's very much a card-carrying villain. Though, he's completely incompetent. He tends to act childish, wanting a do-over when he made a poor move in battle, and simulating his world domination plans with toys. Like a stereotypically incompetent villain, he tends to say too much about his plans at the wrong time.


Dr. Sunset attended the same school as Hajime's parents, Akari and Mahiru Hinobori. He was in love with Akari. Because she and Mahiru became so close, Sunset ultimately decided to rule the world so they would look back on it.

Along with his cat, Godard, and his assistant, Bomber, he traveled around the world in an old war submarine, called the Genius. His objective was the find the phantom card, a sign of the world's ruler.

After losing a battle to Kimari Tatsumi, he unwillingly became her subordinate. She named his evil organization "Wood Ball," a play on her name.

After travelling from country to country with the kids, he was glad to finally be free of them when they returned to Japan. As a parting gift, Kimari gave him (as well as Bomber and Godard) masks of herself, stating they were for a world domination plan to make everyone into her. Sunset was crying as they left, seeiming like he really enjoyed his time with them.

After the world tournament, Kimari recruits him again to help set up a match between Hajime and Tegamaru. After the match, the battle system explodes due to the intensity of the battle, causing fireworks. In order to clear things up with the police, Hajime's parents decide that it was the result of Sunset's experiments. Mahiru also invites him to work at the lab, because Akari will be out on maternity leave. This leaves him traumatized, but after Kimari cheers him up, he does take up the offer to work at the lab, along with Bomber.


His deck is purple, emphasizing the use of skull-themed cards, because they're appropriate for evil.

Battle Stats

Episode Type Opponent Result
28 Single battle Kimari Lose


Battle Spirits Heroes anime


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