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Diva Rush (詩姫ディーバ連鎖ラッシュ, Dība Rasshu) is a Yellow keyword, possessed only by the Diva, Zexia-Tenma. The keyword is based on the Six Heaven Rush of The HeavenlyDemonKing God-Sechs, the motif of Zexia-Tenma. It reads:

  • [ Diva Rush: Condition <At Least X Teams>] ]
    While you have X or more Spirits with different team names, [effect].

The keyword shares both the 'X or more' condition and the Spirit restriction of the original Six Heaven Rush.

A powerful effect with a simple condition, Diva Rush is able to hinder the opponent's offense and defense, possibly even the key effect to win the game.

The main disadvantage is, given that Divas lack protection, the effect can be easily lost by Divas being removed, which leaves the condition unfulfilled. There is also the fact that one must gather different teams of Divas for the effect, while quite a number of Divas play around team supports, and name supports. The release of Divas of multiple teams or "all teams" later helped with the situation, however.

Cards That Have Diva Rush Effects

List of Spirits with Diva Rush

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