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Destructive Curse (呪滅撃, Shumetsu geki) is an ability of purple spirits. It is a modified version of Curse. The effect's text reads:

  • Destructive Curse (When Destroyed by the Opponent) By sending one opposing Life core to the Trash, this Spirit remains on the field in refreshed position.

While Curse would take out an opposing spirit along with yours, this very powerful effect instead takes one of you opponent's lives, and the spirit remains. While started off being possessed only by The CurseHero Chaotic-Seimei in Heroes Saga, the ability comes back in Ultimate Saga with the debut of the last of the three Nether giants, The NetherThreeGiants Queen-Merduk. Having a significantly lower BP than Ultimates, Destructive Curse in turns provided a way out to deal with ultimate opponents. It is also referenced in the lore as one of the ways Purple spirits fighting against Ultimates' invasion by "sacrificing" themselves.

Although being inherently strong against high BP and destruction effects, Destructive Curse is noticeably weak against depletion and bounce.

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