A free deck released by Bandai, in an effort to promote the short-lived US release of the Battle Spirits trading card game.

It included red, purple and green spirit, nexus and spell cards from BS01. All cards had a color-inverted back, so that they could not be mixed legally with regular cards. Additionally, all cards that would normally appear holographic did not. The set also came with blue cores, and a playmat featuring The Scout Dragno.

The set included 25 unique cards, with two copies each.

Number Name Color Type Rarity
001 Goradon Red Spirit Common
002 Rokceratops Red Spirit Common
004 The Scout Dragno Red Spirit Common
008 Metalburn Red Spirit Common
011 Dragsaurus Red Spirit Uncommon
025 The DragonicFortress Giga Red Spirit Master Rare
026 Foger Purple Spirit Common
028 Skulldevil Purple Spirit Common
034 Bi-Python Purple Spirit Uncommon
036 Sha-Zoo Purple Spirit Common
041 Cobraiga Purple Spirit Common
050 Beatbeetle Green Spirit Common
051 Flyingmirage Green Spirit Common
054 Shockeater Green Spirit Common
056 Matchra Green Spirit Common
066 Stagrove Green Spirit Uncommon
098 The Burning Battlefield Red Nexus Uncommon
117 Double Draw Red Magic Common
121 Flame Dance Red Magin Common
122 Flame Tempest Red Magic Rare
125 Deadly Balance Purple Magic Common
132 Storm Draw Green Magic Common
134 Binding Thorn Green Magic Common
X02 The SevenShogun Desperado Purple Spirit X Rare
X03 The Duke Kingtaurus Green Spirit X Rare
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