This deck is suggested by the Battle Spirits offical page. This deck mainly consist of white cards of BS28.

Deck-05 BS28 WHITE

Card No. Card Name Quantity
BS22-031 The CrystalDragon Sillimanite Two
BS28-028 Mechaoko-Jaw Two
BS28-029 Leading-Orix Three
BS28-030 Mechatoris Three
BS28-034 The HeavyCruiserMachine Peacocruiser Three
P14-29 Battleship-Moa Two
CP14-X06 The ElectricMan Train Three
BS28-060 The SteelUltimateSky Golden-Buffalo Two
BSC17-007 Ultimate-Igua-Buggy Two
BSC17-009 The UltimateMarshal Ultimate-Lay-Saurer Three
BS28-X06 The NextGenerationMachineBeast Blizza-Liger Three
BS28-069 The Schicksal Steel Grassland Three
BS14-091 Double Blaster One
BS14-105 Glacial Slash Two
BS27-081 Dream Bomb Two
BS28-078 Mist Barrage One
BS28-079 Shut Out Three
The total number Forty

Key Cards:

BS28-X06 BS28-060 BS28-034 BS28-029

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