Deck-03 BS28 BLUE

Card No. Card Name Number
BS20-047 The OceanShieldGuardian Giles Two
BS28-019 BladeG Two
BS28-045 The Beast Ocelot Three
BS28-046 Twin Neck Hydra Three
BS28-047 The Beast Coyote Three
BS28-050 The Beast Amur Two
BS28-052 Crystalhydra One
CP14-X08 The BeastChild Panzer Three
BS26-051 The SapphireBeastEmperor Panzer Three
BS28-063 Ultimate-Elginius Three
BS28-064 The BeastUltimateSky Yukihyodor Two
BS28-065 Ultimate-Caesar Three
BS28-X08 Ultimate-Drian Three
BS15-083 Swallow Counter Two
BS26-083 Impact Roar Two
SD06-016 Burst Wall Three
The total number Forty
                        Key Cards:
Img keycard BS28 BLUE
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