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Dawn of the Ancients was the fifth and final English set of the Battle Spirits trading card game to be released. This set included spirit, spell and nexus cards, in the colors red, purple, green, white,yellow and blue. Six X-rare cards were included in this set, making it 202 cards total, and the largest expansion.

The set includes all of the Japanese sets BS06 and SD01, as well as some cards from BS05. Some cards had their names changed. There also were modifications to the artwork on some cards which were deemed inappropriate.

Set Specifications

Release Date
September 10, 2010

Card List

Number Name Color Type Rarity
001 The FanDragon Sordes
Red Red core.png
Spirit Common
002 Dimetrodoron Red Spirit Common
003 Wyarm Red Spirit Common
004 The DragonicFortress Megaron Red Spirit Common
005 Redcap Purple Spirit Common
006 Blindsnake Purple Spirit Common
007 Gastoras Purple Spirit Uncommon
008 The MischievousFairy Imp Purple Spirit Common
009 The QueenVampire Carmilla Purple Spirit Master Rare
010 Polluc&Castar Green Spirit Common
011 Gengoron Green Spirit Common
012 Mothleaf Green Spirit Common
013 The GodTree Dionaeus Green Spirit Master Rare
014 The SaberTiger Xen-Fu Green Spirit Uncommon
015 The Artifact Embla White Spirit Common
016 The GunKnight Heavybarrel White Spirit Common
017 The CoralCrab Siomanekid White Spirit Uncommon
018 The GiantMobile Ymir White Spirit Common
019 Shesas Yellow Spirit Uncommon
020 The MorningFairy Napalco Yellow Spirit Common
021 The GreatAngelia Sophia Yellow Spirit Master Rare
022 LittleKnight-Lancelot Yellow Spirit Common
023 The ChimeraDinosaur Dinozaur Blue Spirit Common
024 The WolfMan Wolfy Blue Spirit Common
025 MCPanther Blue Spirit Uncommon
026 Erimakilizard Red Spirit Common
027 Katanakasago Red Spirit Common
028 Ankillersaurus Red Spirit Common
029 The Infantry Dragron Red Spirit Common
030 Tartargar Red Spirit Common
031 The FineDragon Windrake Red Spirit Uncommon
032 Styrahorn Red Spirit Common
033 The ThunderEmperorDragon Siegwurm Red Spirit Master Rare
034 Bone-Dog Purple Spirit Common
035 Komoribrella Purple Spirit Common
036 The HellFighter Balam Purple Spirit Common
037 The DoubleHead Snake Purple Spirit Uncommon
038 The HellFencer Berith Purple Spirit Rare
039 Skunks Green Spirit Common
040 Hacchidori Green Spirit Common
041 Amenborg Green Spirit Common
042 The HeavyArmoredBug Caterbarga Green Spirit Uncommon
043 The Hunter Kingghepardo Green Spirit Rare
044 Momongul White Spirit Common
045 Hitodem White Spirit Common
046 The Sacred Gungnir White Spirit Common
047 Glasscargot White Spirit Common
048 The Artifact Droiden White Spirit Common
049 The CentaurusSoldier Atrithr White Spirit Uncommon
050 The ArmoredBeast Skoll White Spirit Common
051 The IronKnight Yggdrasill White Spirit Master Rare
052 Ovirapt Red Spirit Common
053 Iguaknife Red Spirit Common
054 The FierceHeadBeast Horngrizzly Red Spirit Common
055 The Decurion Dragron Red Spirit Common
056 The DinosaurPrincess Jura Red Spirit Common
057 Sabecaulus Red Spirit Common
058 The ShamshirDinosaur Parasaur Red Spirit Uncommon
059 The Scabbardfish Espada Red Spirit Common
060 The CloudBladeDragon Swordlagoon Red Spirit Common
061 The BattleAxe Apollodinos Red Spirit Rare
062 The IronScorpionDragon Scord-Goran Red Spirit Rare
063 The HugeDinosaur Giganoton Red Spirit Master Rare
064 Pigeonheadiless Purple Spirit Common
065 Smoggoat Purple Spirit Common
066 Straysoul Purple Spirit Common
067 Bronzemaiden Purple Spirit Common
068 The HellAirMan Buney Purple Spirit Common
069 The Werewolf Loup-Gawrou Purple Spirit Common
070 The HellMusician Mur Purple Spirit Common
071 Skullgoyle Purple Spirit Common
072 The SnakeEmpress Medousa Purple Spirit Uncommon
073 The ChopSword Shadowslicer Purple Spirit Rare
074 The DarkBishop Baculus Purple Spirit Rare
075 The HellKnight Andra Purple Spirit Master Rare
76 Mepon Green Spirit Common
77 Caracalossom Green Spirit Common
78 Gazellecaid Green Spirit Common
79 Gabunohashi Green Spirit Common
80 Maparrot Green Spirit Uncommon
81 The Worker Antman Green Spirit Common
82 Mitsujarashi Green Spirit Common
83 Woodykong Green Spirit Common
84 The Baron Jacobino Green Spirit Common
85 The IronFist Cactusgaroo Green Spirit Rare
86 Tsukushinmoa Green Spirit Rare
87 The FangTree Rafflesio Green Spirit Master Rare
88 TwinFairies Hugin&Munin White Spirit Common
89 Senzangou White Spirit Common
90 The FloatingFish Molamola White Spirit Common
91 The ChiefMaid Fulla White Spirit Common
92 The ArmoredBeast Audhumla White Spirit Common
93 The AutoMarine Seerauber White Spirit Uncommon
94 The ShieldSoldier Balder White Spirit Common
95 Reindeer White Spirit Common
96 Tonbeaul White Spirit Common
97 The KeyMaul Valgrind White Spirit Rare
98 The ShineDragonPalace Breidhablic White Spirit Rare
99 The SilverWolfEmperor Gagnrathr White Spirit Master Rare
100 Pyorit Yellow Spirit Common
101 The SnowKiddie Yeti Yellow Spirit Common
102 Gremly Yellow Spirit Common
103 The Chick Pentan Yellow Spirit Common
104 Laserpanda Yellow Spirit Common
105 The FortuneTeller Pentan Yellow Spirit Common
106 Cotton-Candele Yellow Spirit Common
107 The CatKnight Cait-Sith Yellow Spirit Rare
108 ArcanaKing-Charle Yellow Spirit Master Rare
109 ArcanaKnight-Hex Yellow Spirit Common
110 The CleverBeast Iberix Yellow Spirit Uncommon
111 The GreatAngelia Fanim Yellow Spirit Master Rare
112 Dolphino Blue Spirit Common
113 The BattlingBeast Zouuchi Blue Spirit Common
114 The GolemCraftEngineer Gatan Blue Spirit Common
115 Mantigore Blue Spirit Uncommon
116 Block-Golem Blue Spirit Common
117 The MuscleBraggart Humphrey Blue Spirit Common
118 The WeaponDealer Goron-Garan Blue Spirit Common
119 The Tactician Shoujouji Blue Spirit Common
120 Tsathoggua Blue Spirit Common
121 The BlastingGiant Douglas Blue Spirit Master Rare
122 The HeavyJavelin Morgan Blue Spirit Rare
123 The HugeGiant Eurytos Blue Spirit Master Rare
124 The Great Ancient Dragon's Jaw Red Nexus Uncommon
125 The Remain of Scaffold Purple Nexus Uncommon
126 The Thorny Colosseum Green Nexus Uncommon
127 The Eternal Glacier Palace White Nexus Uncommon
128 The Empire of Pentan Yellow Nexus Uncommon
129 The Sacred Torch scorched the Sky Blue Nexus Rare
130 The Big Lavafalls Red Nexus Common
131 The Cursed Shrine Purple Nexus Rare
132 The Wriggle Catacomb Purple Nexus Common
133 The Earth of Fertility Green Nexus Rare
134 The Cape in the Red Sky Green Nexus Common
135 The Protection of Sacred Artifacts White Nexus Common
136 The Burning Canyon Red Nexus Common
137 The Ruby Volcanic Bombs Red Nexus Common
138 The Deity in the Sacred Mountains Red Nexus Uncommon
139 The Digged Tombstone Purple Nexus Common
140 The Depths of the Darkness Purple Nexus Uncommon
141 The Doom Coffin Purple Nexus Common
142 The Forest of the Sacred Conifer Green Nexus Common
143 The Storm Highland Green Nexus Uncommon
144 The Fruit of Wise Tree Green Nexus Common
145 The Infinite Mother Ship White Nexus Uncommon
146 The Lighthouse of Hope White Nexus Common
147 The Invaded Castle White Nexus Common
148 The Chaotic Magic Laboratory Yellow Nexus Common
149 The Opened Spellbook Yellow Nexus Common
150 The Phantom Paradise Yellow Nexus Uncommon
151 The Intentional Scuffle Blue Nexus Common
152 The Battlefield enclosed by the Chains Blue Nexus Common
153 The Honorable Fight Blue Nexus Uncommon
154 Synchronicity Red Spell Common
155 Transmigration Red Spell Rare
156 Soul Crash Purple Spell Rare
157 Reanimate Purple Spell Common
158 God Speed Green Spell Rare
159 Brave Charge Green Spell Common
160 Crystal Aura White Spell Rare
161 Icicle Assault White Spell Common
162 Three Cards Yellow Spell Common
163 Nexus Blockade Yellow Spell Rare
164 CircularSaw Arm Blue Spell Common
165 Victory Fire Red Spell Rare
166 Extra Draw Red Spell Uncommon
167 Sudden Death Draw Purple Spell Common
168 Curse Enchant Purple Spell Uncommon
169 Carry Cores Green Spell Common
170 Emerald Boost Green Spell Uncommon
171 Blizzard Wall White Spell Rare
172 Armor Purge White Spell Uncommon
173 Buster Javelin Red Spell Common
174 Excavation Red Spell Uncommon
175 Lightning Aura Red Spell Common
176 Trident Flare Red Spell Rare
177 Burial Draw Purple Spell Common
178 Level Drain Purple Spell Common
179 Bloody Coffin Purple Spell Uncommon
180 Counter Curse Purple Spell Rare
181 Savage Power Green Spell Common
182 Thorn Prison Green Spell Rare
183 Mistral Core Green Spell Common
184 Speed Star Green Spell Uncommon
185 Chivalry White Spell Uncommon
186 Avalanche Aura White Spell Common
187 Holy Elixir White Spell Common
188 White Hole White Spell Rare
189 Second Sight Yellow Spell Common
190 Discontinue Yellow Spell Uncommon
191 Archaic Smile Yellow Spell Rare
192 Imagine Field Yellow Spell Common
193 Reclamation Blue Spell Common
194 Muscle Charge Blue Spell Common
195 Maximum Break Blue Spell Uncommon
196 Demolish Blue Spell Rare
X19 The SacredEmperor Siegfrieden Red/White Spirit X-Rare
X20 The GreatArmoredLord Deathtaurus Purple/Green Spirit X-Rare
X21 The Deity Catastrophedragon Red Spirit X-Rare
X22 The SevenShogun Beelzebeat Purple Spirit X-Rare
X23 The Providence Hououga Green Spirit X-Rare
X24 The ArmoredSacred Walhalance White Spirit X-Rare