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Dark Artes (導魔; douma) is a family premiered in BS08. Most Dark Artes cards are primarily Yellow. Though similar to Divine Spirits, with magical or angelic characteristics, this family tends to have an eviler aura. As the game develops, the family also begins to lean towards the theme of wizards and witches. When the family was first introduced, there were no more than four cards in each set. However, during the Heroes era, the family was supported for a short while, then it stopped as the era passed. The next major wave of support jumped forward 30+ sets into the Rebirth era, with the family supporting The Grandwalker Demeter in abusing unblockable attacks. It was also this wave which settled the theme of witches.

One of the game mascots, Trickster (as well her dark counterpart Blackster) also partly belongs to this family.

On the collaboration side, being a miko with Onmyoudou techniques, Sakuyamon from Digimon alone was categorised into the Dark Artes family. On the other hand, Kamen Rider Wizard also took the family, as the protagonist is a wizard. The deck focuses on spamming Spirit cards which can also be treated as Magic. Unfortunately, the archetype suffers from certain limitations to avoid over-support for Demeter, which was released at around the same time.

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