Dan Episode 12
Dan ep12
English Translation Awaken- Crimson Dragon Deck!
Kanji 覚醒・紅蓮のドラゴンデッキ!
Romaji Kakusei Guren no Doragondekki!
Air Date 11/29/09
Opening Theme Battle No Limit!
Ending Theme Kimi ga Matteru
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The twelfth episode of the anime series Battle Spirits Shounen Gekiha Dan

The Violet breaches into the Red Horizon Ladder, where Zungurii's family and various others are being kept imprisoned and forced to work as slaves.


Dan and the others arrive at the Red Horizon Ladder, but they meet fierce resistance from the Otherworld King's servants. However, Momose Yuuki, Kajitsu, and Kazan are already there and prepared to face them. Kazan reveals he came to the Otherworld from the future Earth, which was obliterated, in order to turn Grand Rolo would be a suitable substitute place for humans to live. Yuuki holds the red Grand Core, which is the key to using the Horizon Ladder as a means to control Mother Core.

A skirmish soon breaks out between Dan's group and the Otherworld King's soldiers, while Magisa tries to get the Grand Core from Yuuki. However, Yuuki's magic proves superior to Magisa's, which makes Magisa once again consider the possibility that Yuuki is the Otherworld King himself in disguise. Yuuki refutes this, revealing he is simply a servant to the true Otherworld King. At that moment, Dan intervenes and challenges Yuuki to a battle, but Kajitsu takes up his challenge instead. The two are transported to the battlefield.

The battle that continues on three fronts seems to be going well - Dan is gaining the upper hand against Kajitsu who is only deploying Nexus cards, while Mai, Serge, Clackey and Zungurii manage to free the imprisoned Otherworlders. Dan's resolve even resonates through the Grand Core. However, at that moment, Kajitsu's own power manifests in an energy pulse that shakes the entire Horizon Ladder, causing Clackey to lose his balance and fall from a serious height. On the battlefield, a terrifying spirit descends...

Featured Card

The Fruit of Wise Tree is featured.


Dan vs. Kajitsu (Part 1)

Turn 1 (Kajitsu):

-Kajitsu deploys the Nexus, The Fruit of Life.

Turn 2 (Dan):

-Dan summons The RiseDragon Balmung at LV1.

-Dan attacks with Balmung. Kajitsu takes a Life, and adds a Core. 4 Lives remain.

Turn 3 (Kajitsu):

-Kajitsu summons Machfly at LV1 and deploys a second The Fruit of Life.

-Kajitsu attacks with Machfly. Dan takes a Life. 4 Lives remain.

Turn 4 (Dan):

-Dan summons The DragonEmperor Siegfried at LV1.

-Dan attacks with Siegfried. Kajitsu takes a Life, and adds 2 Cores. 3 Lives remain.

Turn 5 (Kajitsu):

-Kajitsu summons Amenborg at LV2 and brings Machfly up to LV3.

Turn 6 (Dan):

-Dan summons The ThunderEmperorDragon Siegwurm at LV1.

Turn 7 (Kajitsu):

-Kajitsu brings 1 of her The Fruit of Life to LV2.

Turn 8 (Dan):

-Dan brings Siegwurm up to LV3 and Siegfried up to LV2.

-Dan attacks with Siegwurm and activates Clash. Amenborg blocks, and is destroyed.

-Dan attacks with Siegfried and activates Siegwurm's effect. Siegfried has Clash. Machfly blocks. Siegfried activates Awaken, moving Siegwurm's Cores to Siegfried and bringing it up to LV3. Machfly is destroyed.

-Dan attacks with Balmung. Kajitsu takes a Life, and adds 2 Cores. 2 Lives remain.

Winner: TBD

Cards Used


BS01-X01: The DragonEmperor Siegfried

BS02-007: The RiseDragon Balmung

SD01-008: The ThunderEmperorDragon Siegwurm


BS03-029: Machfly

SD01-016: Amenborg

BS06-081: The Fruit of Wise Tree


Dan Bashin- Fuyuka Oura

Yuuki Momose- Takahiro Sakurai

Kajitsu Momose- Youko Honda

Mai Viole- Ayako Kawasumi

Clackey Ray- Daisuke Ono

Magisa- Satsuki Yukino

Zungurii- Ai Horanai

Serge- Daisuke Hirakawa

Kazan- Kenji Nomura

Nonborii- Yuuki Tai

Funbarii- Ayaka Yamashita

Ganbarii- Yu Shimamura

Angurii- Yuki Kodaira

Zungurii's Father- Yoshinori Sonobe

Soldier- Masahito Yabe

Main Staff

Script: Tatsuo Higuchi

Storyboard/Episode Director: Shouji Ikeno

Animation Director: Yoshinori Yumoto


Eyecatches Used

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