Core Charge (神託, Shintaku, literally translated as Oracle but read as Core Charge) is an ability exclusive to Grandwalker Nexuses, debuting in SD43/SD44. This effect targets families, card types and costs, and when those are summoned/advented, the Grandwalker Nexus obtains one core from the void. One Core Charge occurs immediately as the Grandwalker Nexus is deployed, milling 3 cards from the owner's deck, and afterwards, only summoning triggers it. Some Nexuses, such as The Grandwalker Lolo, can only be Core Charged once per turn. Their generic text is as follows:

  • Core Charge: ([Families] & [Cost])
    • When you Summon/Advent a target Spirit(/Brave/Ultimate), put one core from the void onto this Nexus.
    • When this Nexus is deployed, if you do not control a Nexus with the same card name as this card, send the top three cards of your deck to the trash. For each target card among them, place one core from the void onto this Nexus.

Starting in BSC32, Grandwalker Nexuses which charges upon deploying Nexuses have appeared; and starting in BS48, Grandwalker Nexuses which charges upon using Magics.

Important rulings regarding Core Charge:

  • Unless a card type is specified, all Core Charge conditions only target Spirits.
    • e.g. A Core Charge condition with ("Blade Beast" & Cost 3 or above) can only target Spirits, and a Core Charge condition with ("Blade Beast" & Ultimate) can only target Ultimates.
  • The cards sent to the Trash when it is deployed are not affected by anti-deck destruction effects, they are being 'sent to the Trash,' not 'discarded from the deck,' much like Ultimate Triggers.
  • The DragonMaskOgre Biranba and Onmyou Child cannot affect the cores obtained from Core Charge, but they can affect cores a Grandwalker Nexus puts in other places (Cards on the field, Reserve and such)
  • When multiple target Spirits are summoned at once (Such as by the effects of The DarkSnakeGodKing Shenmadou or The GiantCannonMothership Mother-Phaia) only one core is added by Core Charge.
  • The activation of Core Charge when deployed is optional.

Cards That Have Core Charge Effects

Nexuses with Core Charge

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