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Chrono-Count Break (C・Cブレイク ; kurono kaunto bureiku) is a keyword introduced in BS59, currently possessed exclusively by The ChrownosSupremeDeity Shin-Chronos. The effect is worded as follows:

  • Chrono-Count Break: 3/6 (When Attacks)
    By -3/-6 counters (send three/six cores from your Counter Area to the Void), when three cores are sent, return three cards from the opposing Trash to the opposing decktop; when six cores are sent, next turn doesn't occur for the opponent. This counter -6 can only be used once per game.

An alternative keyword derived from Count Break, Chrono-Count Break serves to be a special ability for Shin-Chronos, the Avatar of The Grandwalker Chronos. Being the power of the god of time, the effect represents a time rewind and time skip for the opponent. It's important to note that the counters -3 effect can't activate when six cores are sent. Exactly three cores must be sent to activate the counter -3 effect. Different from all the existing Count Break, Chrono-Count Break is not limited to once per game unless you choose to send 6 cores to void.

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