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Charge (強化, Kyōka) is a keyword which premiered in SD10. It's not restricted to a particular color. Rush acts as the counterpart of this effect. 

The effect of charge is different for each color:

  • Red: Increase the limit of your "BP destruction effects" by +1000.
  • Purple: Increase the number of cores sent to the Reserve by your "core removal effects" by +1.
  • Green: Increase the number of bodies to be exhausted by your “opponent-targeting exhaustion effects“ by +1.
  • White: Increase the number of bodies to be refreshed by your “Spirit-refreshing effects” by +1.
  • Yellow: Your “BP- effect” decreases 1000 further.
  • Blue: Increase the number of cards to be discarded by your "opposing-deck-discarding effects" by +1.

General rules on Charge

  • Pursuant to the updates of Rule Manual ver5.0, Charge is restricted to non-Ultimate effects. After the Ultimate era, the text also specifies "non-Ultimate effects".
  • Charge can affect Grandwalker Nexuses' effects.
  • One Spirit can have multiple Charge effects.
  • When a Brave direct braves onto an Ultimate, its (When Summoned) effect isn't affected by Charge.

Specific rules regarding Charge of each color


  • Charge can only affect effects that specify a certain BP limit, such as "Destroy an opposing BP 5000 or less Spirit". It can't affect effects such as "Destroy the opposing highest BP Spirit".


  • While not specified in the text, Charge only affects core removal effects that send cores from the Field to the Reserve, and doesn't affect sending cores from the Life to the Reserve.
  • Charge doesn't affect effects that say "send cores from opposing Spirits until one core is left on each of them", and such.
  • When an effect changes the locations of cores sent, such as by The EvilCapricornusDeity Stein-Bolg X (which sends the cores to Trash instead), Charge doesn't affect the core removal effects, as the cores aren't sent to the Reserve.


  • Charge doesn't affect effects that heavy exhaust opposing cards.


  • Charge doesn't affect effects that say "refresh this Spirit", and such.


  • If the Charge effect only activates after a BP decrease effect with a timing (e.g. "during this turn, "during this battle") activates, Charge doesn't affect that effect. However, under the same situation, Charge can affect BP decrease effects that don't specify a timing, such as the BP decrease effect of Small Phynx.
  • Charge can't affect effects such as "treat the Spirit as BP 1000", as they're not BP decrease effects.


  • Charge doesn't affect effects that banish cards, as "discard" and "banish" are different.

Cards that have Charge

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